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Moon Kissed

  • An hereditary condition within the Lormontai royal family. On moonless nights their skin takes on a faint, celestial glow.   Celestial Heartbreak: It is believed that the moon is a celestial prince and that he once loved a Star-Chosen daughter of the royal family. She chose to marry a mortal. The moon blessed her children with the faint shine as a physical manifestation of his celestial love for her.   Starlight Resonance: Moon Kissed individuals are believed to have a unique resonance with starlight, causing their skin to absorb and reflect these celestial energies.   Protective Aura: Their radiant skin is believed to be a result of a protective aura provided by the moon, safeguarding them from harm and ensuring the continued prosperity of the royal bloodline.   Lunar Harmonization: The moon-kissed glow is said to harmonize with the rhythms of the cosmos, granting the nobility insight into celestial events and allowing them to make decisions in alignment with the stars.   Night Vision: Moon Kissed individuals are believed to have enhanced night vision, allowing them to navigate in darkness and even interpret celestial patterns more effectively.

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