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Kredashmi - Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020 Prep., Challenge 3

Kredashmi (pronounced Kreh-dash-me) is the third largest country that makes up the Saeric Lands, situated on the northern side of the Saeric Basin. Part of the geographic region of Karrkiy Podkhod (the Karr's Approach) is situated on the mouth of the Basin, thereby making it a strategic location to control passage in and out of the Saeric Basin.  


Location and Climate

  Kredashmi occupies a shared place of strategic importance on the mouth of the Saeric Basin with Versarna. The majority of the country is surrounded by sea, with the Basin to the south, the Basin Mouth to the west, and the Unaidin Sea stretching across the northern coast. Kredashmi shares its single land border with the neighbouring country of Lormont, which is also a vassel of the Raskvaerii Empire.  
For the most part, Kredashmi is hot in summer and cold in winter. The central expanse of the country is called die Vrugbare Vlaktes (pron. de Fr-HUH-bar-uh FLACK-tuh-s), or 'the Fertile Plains.' These plains follow the path of the Lourlis River, intersecting several adiminstrative regions. The capital city of Rykfontein is located in the southwestern side of the Fertile Planes, and is built atop a system of natural springs. Many of the city's popular fountains were built by exploiting the high pressure of the heated water as it rises to the surface of the earth.   Other notable rivers and bodies of water include:
  • The Unaidin Tributary
  • River Outvons
  • Lake Audinel
  • The Varenmau River
  • Vrymanns Pass
  • Lake Irriley
Notable landforms include:
  • The Drachenruhebaai (the Dragon Rest Bay, where the first dragons sheltered during the Great Storm of 324 HE).
  • The Drachenhoëbergs (Dragons High Mountains), situated in the northwest of the country.
  • The Oostelike Augstieg (the Eastern Rise), which is a lower mountain range that traverses part of the border with Lormont.
  • Orinsloft Gorge, cut by the River Outvons, is a sandstone gorge near the town of Orinsholm. Situated on the northeastern tip of the Fertile Planes, the Orins Flats are unique in their protected status, meaning farmers are banned from farming this lands for 5miles (8 km) on either side of the gorge.
  • Vishoekbaai (Fish Hook Bay), a large bay in the south-west corner of Karrkiy Podkhod.
  • Kragtigehoek (Mightyhook), is a hook-like formation in the country on the north-western tip of the country.
A fountain powered by the natural hot springs in Rykfontein by Rafael Garcin
Lake Audinel by Daniel Sessler
The view out over Vishoek in Karrkiy Podkhod by K. Mitch Hodge



Administrative Regions and their rulers

Kredashmi is comprised of eight main administrative regions. With the exception of Karrkiy Podkhod (the Karr's Approach), these regions cover roughly the same geographic areas as Kredashmi's former clan territories. Karrkiy Podkhod was created by the first Raskvaerii könig, Miron Marszalek, as a dedicated region to control the mouth of the Saeric Basin. It is situated on land that was annexed from the territory of clan Beraufels, in the region of Vrymaanhoek.

The Königsown

  • Administrative head: the könig
  • Noble house: Schwannraelen
  • Noteable residences: Schwannraelen Palais, and the Vezaleia Palais in Rykfontein
  • Capital city: Rykfontein
  • Ancient regional name: Draakruhe
  • Clan name: Rhalen
  • Clan status: Deceased through male line. Continues through maternal line of Josefien Theresa in the Schwannraelen royal family.

    The Vuurvelde (the Firefields)

    • Administrative head: the Eerste Regte (First Judge)
    • Noble house: the Dunheuvelin Family
    • Noteable residences: Draakhohen Castle
    • Main City: Alahnis
    • Clan name: Dunheuvelin
    • Clan status: Not extinct through male or female lines
    • Draakskaduwee (town), the town beneath Draakhohen Castle
    • Volendarn (town)
    • Boerhaaven (village)
    • Lake Irriley

Oost Raskin

  • Administrative head: the Tweede Regte (Second Judge)
  • Noble house: Kazanstev
  • Noteable residence: Frofsiga Castle
  • Main City: Brehaanbeck
  • Clan name: Lorkeers
  • Clan status: Deceased through male and female line.

Die Heiligeval

  • Administrative head: the Derde Regte (Third Judge)
  • Noble house: Montjoie
  • Main city: Vrykraal
  • Clan name: Nahuys
  • Clan status: Deceased through male line. Continues distantly through matriarchal lines in Montjoie and Dunheuvelin families.


  • Administrative head: the Vierde Regte (Fourth Judge)
  • Noble house: Senyavin
  • Main city: Port Rhaelis
  • Clan name: Tauren
  • Clan status: Deceased through male line. Continues through female line in the Senyavin family.
  • Other: Kragtigehoek


  • Administrative head: the Vyfde Regte (Fifth Judge)
  • Noble House: Hazelaar
  • Main city: Belowestadt
  • Clan name: Hazelaar
  • Clan status: Not extinct through male or female line.


  • Administrative head: the Sesde Regte
  • Noble house: son Vermaarks
  • Main city: Fort Viktoria
  • Clan name: Kroese
  • Clan status: Extinct through male line. Continues through female line.

Karrkiy Podkhod (The Karr's Approach)

  • Administrative head: Uzhored Division of the Oprikarr
  • Main city: Port Saeric, the location of the Uzhored garrison
    • Other:
    • The Saeric Mouth and entrance to the Unaidin Sea
    • Malen'kiy Latharin (Little Latharin; town)
    For his services to the empire in helping to ensure the successful invasion of Kredashmi, Karr Vasily awarded his old friend the territory of the extinct Beraufels clan. It was foolishness on the part of the karr to underestimate the depth of ill feeling between Karrubin Miron and the old general. After his father's death, Miron Marszalek wasted no time in annexing Port Saeric and its accompanying land from Kryukov. The ramifications of the first Raskvaerii könig's actions for the future wealth and influence of the Kryukov family cannot be overstated. It is without doubt the reason why the family now rank so low in status amongst the Six Judges.
    — Issaak Ulanov, scholar

    Organization Structure

    The capital of Rykfontein is the centre of law and justice in Kredashmi, and is the administrative centre of the Raskvaerii Empire in Kredashmi.
    Several councils that make up the governing bodies of Kredashmi:
    • The Council of Empire
    • The Council of Judges, led by the Ses Regtes (the Six Judges)
    • The Council of Peers.
    Several petitions have been put forward during the reing of Thaddeus II by the rising middling 'sort' in the country to create a fourth council: the Council of Guilds. Kredashmi's Guilds are sattelite associations of the major guilds in Raskvaeric, and as such have a long history of overseeing the practice of their craft in their given town or city. However, many senior guild members are unhappy with the limited influence they have in the practical management of government, and wish for the guilds to have a greater say in the formulation of policy and laws than with the creation of advisory boards. Currently, the könig has no desire to change his country's organizational structure.
    The view out over Orinsloft Gorge with the Orins Flats above by Lynn Greyling
    Orinsloft Gorge by Rachel White

    Cover image: by Michael Schaffler


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