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Ceres (seeuh · reez)

Ceres is a dwarf planet in the Asteroid belt and is one of the largest settlements within the Pallasian Federation. The primary industry is water mining with the cryovolcano at Ahuna Mons providing water for much of the Pallas Alliance, though there is a strong industry of engineering and refitting old space-faring vessels with new technology or recycling them for raw materials.   The population is a mix of earth heritages, including a large Asian population and south Americans with a few Europeans. However, most of them would consider themselves to be Ceresian.   There is a strong sense of community with unique festivals and events celebrated, including 'Earth Day', the first day in the Ceresian Calendar when Earth is visible as a distant blue dot in the night sky, and 'Cerealia' based on the Roman festival for the Goddess Ceres. The event includes a major race, open to anyone with a qualifying one-pilot ship, and is one of the biggest events in the Pallas Alliance.
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