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The Solas Chronicles

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It is 250 years in the future, and humanity has colonised the inner solar system and many moons surrounding Jupiter and Saturn. The largest colony, by far, is the Jovian Alliance which comprises the citizens of the moons of Jupiter and extends to many areas of the asteroid belt while maintaining a careful alliance with the Saturnites who are more technologically advanced but fewer in number and military might.   There are independent colonies scattered throughout the asteroid belt, as well as space stations, research outposts, and military outposts scattered throughout the solar system as far as the dwarf planets of the Kuiper belt.   Only the wealthiest remain on the pale blue dot of Earth. Those who were born off-world can never return to their roots and are doomed to remain space dwellers, their bodies unsuitable for the high gravity of humanity's home planet.   Most people carve out a living by extracting or transporting precious resources and selling them to the highest bidder. Others simply take what they want from those foolish enough to work for it.