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The Flagship of the Jovian Space Fleet

The Bellerophon is a Capital Class Battleship, and the flagship of the Jovian Space Force. It has served as an integral part of the Jovian military for over two decades and has seen action in countless battles throughout its service life. The Bellerophon was constructed with cutting-edge technology, making it one of the most advanced vessels ever built at the time. Its powerful fusion engines allow it to travel vast distances at high speeds, while its heavy armour protects it from enemy fire. Equipped with some of the most sophisticated weapons systems available today, this formidable vessel is capable of taking on any challenge that comes its way. From defending planetary colonies to engaging in massive space battles against hostile forces, there's no mission too great for the Bellerophon and her crew.

Power Generation

The Bellerophon is equipped with the largest fusion reactors in the Jovian Space Force. It generates an estimated total power output of 3,145 terawatts and can sustain a power level of up to 2,400 terawatts for extended periods of time.


Two main fusion drives give the Bellerophon a maximum speed of 3kps (Klicks Per Second). It also has two secondary propulsion systems, allowing it to manoeuvre in tight spaces and perform complex manoeuvres.

Weapons & Armament

The Bellerophon is equipped with a wide array of powerful weapons systems, allowing it to unleash formidable firepower on its enemies. Its main armament consists of sixteen heavy mass accelerators, which can easily destroy targets at long range. Additionally, the Bellerophon is equipped with eight medium-range laser cannons, eight short-range missile launchers, and several energy shielding emitters. This formidable arsenal allows the Bellerophon to engage in even the most intense space battles with confidence.

Armor and defense

The Bellerophon is defended by thick armour plating, which is capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage. Additionally, its energy shielding emitters can quickly replenish the plasma shields in a matter of seconds, allowing the vessel to remain combat-ready for prolonged periods of time. The Bellerophon also has an advanced computer system capable of detecting and neutralising enemy missiles, allowing it to quickly evade or intercept them with ease.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Bellerophon is equipped with advanced quantum communication systems, which allows it to stay in contact with other ships and planetary colonies as well as send and receive information through its quantum radio, allowing it to remain in contact with the Jovian Space Force even at great distances.


The Bellerophon is equipped with a sophisticated sensor suite, allowing it to detect objects or anomalies at long range. This allows the ship to track down and eliminate enemy vessels, as well as detect incoming attacks. Additionally, the Bellerophon is equipped with a powerful advanced targeting computer, which allows it to accurately target and fire its weapons with precision.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The Bellerophon also features some additional features, such as a powerful quantum jammer, which can confuse and disable enemy communication. Additionally, the ship is equipped with several advanced medical facilities, allowing for rapid treatment and healing of injured crew members in combat scenarios. Finally, the Bellerophon also has an onboard AI system which helps to manage and coordinate its operations.   The Bellerophon is a true marvel of engineering, offering unparalleled protection and firepower. With its advanced technology and powerful armaments, the Bellerophon is a force to be reckoned with in any space battle. Any foe that dares stand against this mighty vessel will soon find itself facing swift and decisive defeat. The Bellerophon is a symbol of strength and courage for the Jovian Space Force and the people of Jupiter, and an invaluable asset against any hostile force that threatens their way of life.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Bellerophon features several hangar bays and docking ports throughout the ship which can house numerous shuttlecrafts, fighters, and other vessels including luxury yachts, and merchant and trade vessels.

  Additionally, the Bellerophon has several escape pods for crew members in case of emergency. These features allow for efficient transport of personnel and goods between ships and planets, as well as provide quick access to any vessel docked inside the Bellerophon.

Commanding Officer

Currently under the command of General Diana Villiers

The King of the Sky
No Fear, No Mercy!
Creation Date
8th November 2234
Owning Organization
Current location
Estimated at over 20 billion Credits
Extremely Rare - one of a kind
Related Technologies
350 meters
1,800 meters
350 meters, 90 decks [50 for passenger use]
Max Speed is 3kps (Klicks Per Second)
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
14,335 SINGLE Occupancy
28,670 DOUBLE Occupancy
34,940 MAXIMUM Capacity

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The Bellerophon includes eight neighbourhoods – Centre Park, Boardwalk, Pool & Sports Zone, Entertainment Palace, Imperial Promenade, Rejuvenate Spa & Fitness Centre, Adventure Zone, and the Business Suite.  
Centre Park
is a living park flooded with simulated daylight providing the feeling of a summer's day in space, which houses more than 100,000 plants and animals, including a tremendous variety of butterflies, songbirds, flowers and fruit trees, providing a tranquil respite for passengers. Guests can enjoy the sensation of being in an open-air oasis and enjoy live music events, and shop at a variety of boutique stores, or stop for respite at the tearooms and restaurants.   The Boardwalk is an open-level stretch aft of the vessel with unique features, including twin rock-climbing walls, a bowling alley, the Starlight Theatre, and several restaurants and bars offering spectacular views of the stars.   The Pool & Sports Zone offers a variety of activities for guests, including The AquaPark with two Olympic-sized swimming pools, a surf simulator, water slides, and whitewater rapids. The neighbourhood also features 16 Zero-G courts, a cycling and running track, a ten-deck-high zip line, and an 18-hole golf course.   The Entertainment Palace features a professional sports stadium, a cinema complex, an ice skating rink, virtual reality simulators, karaoke lounges, shops, arcades and European-style cafes.   Located in the heart of the ship, the Imperial Promenade includes the finest shopping, dining, and entertainment spaces, as well as the illustrious Bellerophon Arena, renowned for its cinematic display of live events and captivating stage performances.

  The Rejuvenate Spa & Fitness Centre offers a variety of health, beauty and wellness services, as well as luxurious relaxation areas and massage parlours. The spa offers the latest in scientific and medical treatments, including cryotherapy and ozone therapy.   The Adventure Zone is the perfect destination for guests aged between three and 17 years, with thrilling rides, interactive games and educational activities, all under the watchful eyes of trained nannies and highly advanced Sitterbots for your peace of mind.   The Business Suite provides a selection of modern facilities such as a convention centre, meeting rooms and private offices for business travellers. The suite also offers a private dining experience, a private lounge, and a modern tobacco bar.

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