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The Windchaser
The Skyrunner Village

Skyrunner Tribe Charcters

Player Characters are the lifeblood of this guild. Being player-focused each and every character that is brought into the guild plays a huge fundamental role in shaping the story that they are a part of. Player Characters change the landscape of story arcs and campaigns through their choices and because of this high focus on individual players our stories are deep, complex, and quite long. Below you'll find a list of all the player characters (mains and alts) that are associated with the tribe ICly. Players fill out their character sheets and post them up for people to see and connect with. It gives the community the chance to reach out OOCly to get RP with other members based on what they find in these profiles and it gives the DMs and Storytellers the opportunity to custom make amazing character plot points within the campaigns. Each Character Page has a record of any significant submitted stories that they wished to share about their characters as well as their D20 System Sheets.

NPCs are part of the day to day life of the Skyrunners. They have their own personalities, histories, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Though they are used as vehicles for character, and tribe story by many means they are still characters. They have a significant place among the tribe that fills in the world of an otherwise small tribe. By including NPCs we are able to fill out valuable roles in ways such as crafting, mentors, character foils, and story tools, that often times small guilds cannot accommodate because of their lower player numbers. Click on the names in the charts below to find out more information about each NPC and its role within the storytelling space. Feel free to use the information to determine if your character would connect to the NPC for progression and story.

The Skyrunner Tribe Members

The chart below shows our current Players and NPCs within the tribe's day-to-day life. Hover over each one to get an idea of what they can offer you as a player to add to your character's unique story.


The Crew of The Windchaser

The chart below shows our current duty roster for The Windchaser which is split into a day and night shift.


Crafters and Areas of Knowledge

The tribe has many areas of expertise that the members of it, as well as the allies to it, maintain to survive. Be it trade or the creation of weapons or the knowledge of histories and rites. Below are a few examples of what the Tribe can offer. These trade skills are used to make stories within the guild possible as well as custom D20 items!


Crafted Consumable


Crafted Armor and Weapons


Crafted Other

Consumable Items include things such as food, drink, potions and elixirs. These items range in use and ability depending on the crafter and the strength of the item. A bean bun that makes you invincible for 3 rounds will have to be a fantastic bean bun, but a healing potion that gives you two HP back during combat may not require as much effort from an RP Quest. These items do have consequences as well as bonuses and can be very useful because of their versatility.
Armor and weapons are a staple of most RPGs. These create the look of a character as well as providing the most easily recognized power increases to a character's build. That also makes them the most difficult to obtain. Master Crafters demand the best quality materials, the most time to complete a task, and the most participation from those that commission them. Make anything from an enchanted dress of beauty to a flaming sword of the Firelands that can melt your enemy.
Tinkets, Gems, Runes and Glyphs, Necklaces, blessed dragon scales, and yes even lucky charms. The forgotten heavy lifters of Character flavor. While these items are often forgotten the tribe knows their value and uses them to create powerful items and effects. These highly unique and customizable items reflect deeply your character and their priorities and strengths. They can round out a character or bring them to new levels of expertise.




Persons of Knowledge

While Tradesman don't necessarily craft anything or make the big flashy swords and unscratchable armor, they do get the materials necessary to make that happen. Hunters, herbalists, miners, traders, fisherman and yes even sheep cutters that gather wool. These unsung heroes contribute the most to the tribe's longevity and ability to continue as they provide the very basic foundations for the tribe.

No one knows everything. People of Knowledge are those among the tribe that have a desire to pass on their knowledge and teach others, or those that are particularly skilled in a specific area that you can go to for guidance. Perhaps you wish to learn a new language, or have a vision interpreted for your character's development. This is where you would find people able to provide those steping stones to your story.

Ranks, Rites, and Traditions

Ranks and Rites of Rank


Ranks within the Tribe are straightforward ways to progress your character through an arc involving command though we also recognize that not all characters, and players, are compatible with Ranking systems. This is why our Ranks are not tied into the Dice System that we use in terms of raw powerups. They are designed for RP elements and increases in standing. You can find details on each rank below in order of lowest rank to highest.

Rites of Rank-

Each rank has a set of Rites that must be completed. These are specifically tailored to each character and are heavily focused on character progression. Below you will find each movement in rank listed with their specific Rite and any tools or items necessary for that Rite. The Rites include OOC instructions on what must be done for each step while the items and tools used for each rite are there for context.