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Development of The Seas of Steel

A timeline outlining the development of the Seas of Steel, for the coming year (hopefully!)


0 B.F. and beyond

Just an era so this timeline doesn't function with Ironfoot Empire Symbolage

  • 2018 AD


    Creation of the Seas of Steel
    Artistic creation

    And a bolt of lightning issued from the sky, as Kahiga awoke and filled the Seas of Steel.
      The Seas of Steel was created on the 25th August, 2018. Founded on the few principles outlined in my Luck-Intent Magic System, it wasn't much. I began trying to inject meaning into my world.

  • 2018 AD


    Creation of the Eternal Fall
    Artistic creation

    There is a moon. A moon far from Earth, circling around a Neptune-sized planet. A beautiful dot of red and blue, against the backdrop of the blackest canvas. It seems as if the gods had dropped a tiny splotch of their life-ink, and created Clara.
      The Eternal Fall was much better planned than the Seas of Steel. Started for WorldEmber, it was refreshing to work on a new blank category for a while. For the next year, the Eternal Fall, and especially the Salt Plains, will be my area of development.

  • 2018 AD

    2018 AD



    Udan Status: Swole
    WorldEmber Status: On Fire
    World Anvil Status: Online
    — Status Update

  • 2018 AD

    2019 AD


    Food Web of the Salt Plains
    Scientific achievement

    When: Q1, 2019

    What: A catalogue of interlinked plant and animal species of the Salt Plains, as well as several species of fungus and a few bacteria. All articles will be organized into the Compendium Vita category.

    Where: Mostly the Salt Plains, with a little extension into the Salt Range.

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    Salt Plains