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Club Milan

Club Milan is a pub and entertainment venue found aboard the ESCI Revelation, aft and midway up the tiers from the Equatorial River.

Purpose / Function

Club Milan a pub is named after Ms. Midori Milan and the Revelators, the Revelation's house band. Club Milan is open around-the-clock, with a rotating cast of performers and wait staff. Crew members coming off duty (the 'night shift') come to Club Milan to eat, drink, listen to music, connect with friends, and potentially find someone to spend the night with.   During A and D rotations on the Revelation's watch bill, Club Milan is cleaned up and opened to the general public for community activites, especially those relating to the performing arts. As the head of the Entertainment & Shipboard Culture Department, it falls to Ms. Milan to support, inform, and promulgate the music, dance, theater, and other performing arts traditions of the Cobalt Protectorate. The Evermorn Strategic Colony Initiative recognizes that these cultural connections with the past are vital to the psychological health of colonists who find themselves travelling far from their respective homeworlds. Eventually, as Ms. Milan and all the Revelators age into retirement, it will fall to the next generations to continue this vital work.


Numerous sheets of flexible, transparent display screen can be pulled onto the stage from all angles to facilitate the appearance of props or scenery as required for a given performance.


Club Milan is one of eight structures aboard the Revelation which take the form of square buildings rather than an upright General Purpose Modules.   All of the structures of this type feature a parabolic roof with a 100' diagonal length and 10' wide overhang around the edges, creating frontage paths. The peaks of the parabolic roofs are arranged perpendicular to the line of thrust for the Revelation, and the lowest points touch the ground level. All external surfaces are covered with lightweight facades to emulate wooden or stucco walls; the genuine article would be too massive. Internally, these structures feature a first floor with an extended ceiling (20' the extra decks above and below have the standard height (10', of which 2' are taken up with utilites and supports. The four triangular patches of land surrounding the structure on its tier are used as outdoor seating areas where dining and outdoor recreation can take place.   In the case of Club Milan, thebasement is reserved for a kitchen, bar services area, storage, and Ms. Milan and her band's dressing rooms. The main floor is a tiered seating area around a stage at the aft end of the building. Holography, lighting, atmospherics, and audio for the stage are controlled from a booth on the second floor at the fore end of the building just above the entrance. There isn't a real box office at Club Milan so much as a spot for one or two doormen - though events at the Club are seldom so raucus that security is required. The upper floors of the Club have been furnished as classrooms, rehearsal studios, and the aforementioned control booth. During off hours, Ms. Milan and other members of the Entertainment & Shipboard Culture Department teach performing arts classes in these spaces.
Alternative Names
Public Hall Bravo
Public hall / house

Cover image: by Beat Schuler (edited by BCGR_Wurth)


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