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Without even a name, the system known as X7412 would not garner any attention except that it is a free refueling stop on the way to Ripe and the further spinward worlds. With no one to watch over dealings in the system, there is essentially no law. Some ships will only travel through the system as part of an armed convoy to prevent piracy while other ships that have their own firepower take the chance that they can outgun any pirates that attempt to get in their way.    The main world in the habitable zone is a barren desert world that has remnants of an attempt to colonize the world at some point in the past. There is also a planetoid belt that some belters are willing to mine to see if they can find their "catch of a lifetime" and retire with the proceeds from their strike. There is also some mercenary activity conducted at the behest of ships that are traveling the route, so sometimes there is an extended protective force available for a fee. Interestingly, there are times when those protective mercenaries decide that the protectees are not paying enough (or at all) and become the hunter. This has to be done carefully though as the cluster isn't all that big and word can get around.


X7412 is a small, barren, desert world located within the area claimed by the Junction Expanse. It has no apparent redeeming value except as a haven for those who want to keep a low profile. There are two gas giants that are used for refueling many ships as they pass through on the way to and from the spinward worlds of the Expanse. There is also some mining conducted in the planetoid belt.
X7412 (Sagittarius Cluster 3026)
K3 V with a K5 V close companion
Starport: X
Diameter: 805 km
Atmosphere: Trace (0.08 pressure)
Population: uncounted
Government: None
Law Level: None
Tech Level: 6 (residual nuclear power from colonization attempt)
Gas Giants: 2      Planetoid Belts: 1
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