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Kateki Chaudhry

Kateki began life on the world of Ripe. While technically rated as a garden world, Kateki found it anything but. Restless and ambitious, she found the idea of life in space much more to her liking than being ground bound. As soon as she finished school she attempted to join a group of belters bound for a far off asteroid field ready to make their fortune. Through some bad luck, she missed the ship and ended up taking odd jobs for the next four years.   With a renewed energy and some "education" under her belt (pun intended) she was able to contract with another belter operation and finally made it to space. She took well to training, but was horrendously injured in an accident. Her left leg and arm were crushed while loading some large rocks in a zero-g hold. She survived with some of the expenses of her prosthetics paid by insurance, but she was still left with a large bill and no job.   Finding herself back on Ripe, she was drafted into the Surface Defense Forces where she served honorably but again was injured while on duty. This time not nearly so bad, but it still left her with some expenses and the inability to reenlist because the service now felt her unqualified to perform field duty.   She also found that land based duty did not quell the adventurous spirit she had and once again worked her way into a job that would take her back to space. She now found herself in the Navy at Junction where she carried out her duties without distinction, but also without injury. She gained several more valuable skills, but mustered out after three terms without being promoted past Petty Officer Third Class. But, she did clear her debts and was able to bank some credits.   The next four years were spent attempting to get back into a belting contract and she wracked up some more debt in her legal battles over her injury pay and inability to get the job she desired most.   At 42 years old, Kateki has been able wrangle her way to a belting job. She is currently working with a small crew in the X7412 system.
Kateki Chaudhry 694356 Age 42
Zero-G 3, Recon 1, Gambling 1, Submarine 1,
Slug Pistol 1, Wheeled Vehicle 1, Engineering 1,
Medicine 0, Space Sciences 0, Streetwise 0,
Mechanics 0, Shotgun 0, Bludgeoning Weapons 0,
Rotor Aircraft
Mid Passage, Cr 56,250
Current Status
Current Location
Sky Blue
Short Blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
1.7 m
55 kg


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