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Belters are a core profession in the Sagittarius Cluster. Generally considered an honorable but low skilled profession by those who have not been there or done that. Most belters are hard working, honest, very safety conscious, and work to make life better for themselves and their families. Some are lucky and find strikes that contain rare or highly sought after minerals that make them and their heirs rich. Others find that the rules for working within the system are too limiting and stretch them to ensure they meet the goals they have set for themselves, regardless of the consequences to others. Some are just plain power hungry, as can be found in most any profession, and are solely associated with the business to maintain a lifestyle they couldn't otherwise attain.



Skill in Zero-G maneuvering, small craft vehicle piloting, mining, engineering, administration, legal, prospecting.

Payment & Reimbursement

For those standard belt mining, a weekly paycheck. For those who have their own ship and crew, finding and mining the ultimate strike could lead to fames and riches.



Raw materials are a vital part of all cultures, most especially space faring cultures where not all materials may be found in a system, but the means to bring them together is available and supports the continuation of life in a dangerous space.

Social Status

Belters are generally considered critical yet relatively unskilled workers. While this isn't necessarily true, it is the perception of the general public.



Spaceships, laser and mechanical cutting tools, high dexterity, moderate strength, and ability to troubleshoot and problem solve.


Space, vacuum, sometimes in the middle of nowhere (and that's far for space).

Dangers & Hazards

Constantly working in vacuum with tools that are made to work through some of the hardest materials found in nature along with the inherent dangers of working within spaceships.
Some known belters:
Kateki Chaudhry 
Raw Materials Gathering
While most belting (prospecting) is legal, there is some wiggle room, depending on the system, the groups involved, and their goals, to make the profession range from completely fully legal, to slave labor camps and outright theft, piracy, and other illegal activities.
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