Watcher’s Fort


All guild members are given a room in the barracks


The guild members follow guild law of be punished for it. The only leadership is headed by veteran hunters.


The fort is surrounded by a large moat to keep most from coming in weather they are natural or not. Large stone wall are seen from the other side with only a draw bridge as the only exit to leave from.

Industry & Trade

The order often only buys necessary supplies that they need and do not trade anything for it is not meant to be in the hands of other and only their own.


The fort was created to be the head quarters of the Black Order and has been improved over the centuries. With barracks for hunters, courtyards for training, forges to make the tools they need, a great hall, an armory, treasury, library, dungeon and a dock to leave the island.


The fort has stored with centuries of artifacts to fight unnatural creatures and weapons designed to kill them.Along with chemicals and metals to create such weapons. It has enough food in it for years to it inhabitants. But most of it is livestock, since food is not grown here or anywhere else on the island.

Guilds and Factions

The Black Order is in control of their settlement.


Watcher’s Fort original a small fort used a secured location for the Black Order as a base for their plans of attack against the undead during the Night War. After they left the Church of the Spirit and Flame they made the island their home and base of operations ever since. The fort was improve over time as well with wood being replaced with stone and other additions. It has never been attacked or destroyed since then.


The design is meant to be simple with stone covering it the whole fort. Only a few place are made of wood which are often the oldest parts of the fort. The only type art found in he fort are stone statues of important members and murals depicting tragic times when the hunters were need.


The fort was built on the small island of Tilos, between the mainland and Hyperia. There nothing much on it except for some trees and a long of stone. The terrain is mostly plains and some rocky terrain. No matter which direction you look towards you always find the sea a few miles away.

Natural Resources

Stone and wood are only found on the island since their are no other resources to be found
Alternative Name(s)
The Black Fortress
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization


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