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Once proud protector of the forests, these living trees are now fueled by hatred as their lands are destroyed by all those who seek the wealth they hold and will do anything to get rid of trespassers who enter their domain. Making them dangerous to go near as they can hunt you down faster then you could ever realize.

Basic Information


Their bodies are that of a tree, but with a pair of arms and legs. Their plant biology also makes their bodies denser and stronger with layers of bark and wood protecting them.

Biological Traits

Their appearance differ from on another like different species of trees. Along with their power to grow plant life at a faster rate makes them ideal caretakers in their forests environments. Their ability to extend their limbs also make them more dangerous as well.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is uncertain if they can reproduce or not.

Ecology and Habitats

Their homes are in forests where wander and care for the trees around them. Often healing them with their own power and remain still like them until they are needed again.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Targoraths are like any other plant they only require water and sunlight. But they also are known for absorbing flesh to act as fertilizer for nutrients. These can be from dead bodies or from those how cross them through their forests.

Biological Cycle

They often do the same thing as any tree and change with the seasons and often will hibernate when winter comes along. The number branches that stick out of them also tell how old some of them are.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Targoraths often are found alone from one another, it is uncertain if it’s because their are very few of them left to have a social structure or that a single one of them is designated as their own separate group that watches over their length of forest that they guard. It a rare sight to even see two or more of them together at all.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Those who seek them often want their wood since it much stronger then most others in building weapons or materials from them. While others seek their sap as it has properties that can grow plant life at an alarming rate.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Targorath are found on the continent of Kineth deep within forests that have been untouched by civilization.

Average Intelligence

It is said that are capable of understanding language and can speak, but their anger seems to cause them to become hostile when people come near. Making hard to truly understand them and if they are more intelligent then they appear to be.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sight and hearing are at a exceptional level, but their power to communication with plants makes them know more about their surroundings then any one ever could.
Scientific Name
Class: Magic Born
Conservation Status
It is hard to say how many of these creatures exist as they are both elusive and dangerous making them document. Making them almost a myth to anyone who hasn’t seen them.
Average Height
35 - 40 ft
Average Weight
5 - 6 tons
Average Physique
A Targorath’s biology allows them to lift things five times their size and their endurance is far greater due to them being a plant.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green, grey, brown, red

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