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Basic Information


Physical body

A kindred will often take a humanoid form to properly traverse the it surrounding. But when they are born they will absorb the closest element that they can get their hands on to manifest their body. Creating a solid form in the process and become fully manifested into the real world. But depending on the element they choose they might not be completely solid and need something to retain their form or just out of sheer willpower. For example if on was made of lighting it would need metal to keep its self become unstable or if one was made of water it may need something to keep it water in a certain shape at all times. Limbs are also different depending on how they took shape at that time.  

Muscle and skeletal

Physical they do not have muscles or a skeleton since they are not made of flesh and instead it is more like density. With those of wind you can easily pass through and those of earth you can not pass through. Meaning that they cannot feel pain as most other creatures can. Meaning they are immune to most physical attacks, but can be harmed by magic of their opposite element. Their also the fact that they are genderless as birth as well, but some can take the form of a male or female of who ever they see creating the idea that they actual have a gender.

Biological Traits

Kindred are divided into several different types by their element and three classes that make up kindred physiology.


Kindred that have no definite shape and can shift their body at will  
  • Light
  • Wind
  • Darkness


Are bound to a physical body and can only change shape with their given element  
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Nature


Their bodies are considered unstable and can cause harm to their environment around them. Requiring special containment suits to keep their bodies from falling apart.  
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Ice

Genetics and Reproduction

Kindred are unable to reproduce due to their manifestation with magic and have no reproductive organs. They can only be created through rituals and magic events that has been mostly lost throughout history.

Growth Rate & Stages

A kindred is fully grown as they are created and depending on what element they absorbed during their creations. Not much changes with some kindred and remain in the same state they have always been in. Which others may change due to natural events such as weather or the changing of season altering their bodies in the process.

Ecology and Habitats

A kindred will feel affected by in the environment they live in. An earth kindred will feel normal on land, but in water or in the air they will have difficult keeping their form due to not being close to the earth to maintain its form or a water kindred in as desert will slowly evaporate due to the lack of water. Each kindred often prefer an area that is surrounded by their element and prefer to keep it that way. But their are some that prefer to travel so they may keep some their element on them in case of emergencies.

Dietary Needs and Habits

During hibernation they feed on the element that manifest their body to restore themselves. That is the only food they need, meaning they do not need to eat or drink to survive.

Biological Cycle

It is said that a kindred must go into a death like state every few centuries to replenish their energy to remain in the physical world and will be in this state for some time. Depending on the kindred it could be several months to several years.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Their is no actual structure for kindred since there are no records of how they would actual govern over themselves and due to lack of numbers it is uncertain how they would react in large groups let alone different types of them.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Kindred are often created to be used as science experiments or weapons by their creators. But this will often lead to a kindred to kill their creators at on point or another since they do not like being controlled. Leading to many death and the kindred running off.

Facial characteristics

Their feature are base off of what shape their element gives them or they can change it at will.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The exact locations of kindred are currently unknown and they are only created so knowing were they are when they are created is unknown expect for their creators if they mange to survive after they create them.

Average Intelligence

Kindred are as sentient as any other race on Terus, but will act differently depending on their phycological during their creation. With some being highly sophisticated or to the point of a toddler's intelligence. This of course can change over time as they begin to learn the world around them. Making them far more understanding of their environment and the world around them. especial if the ones that live for thousands of years. With some hiding in plain sight from others and adapt customs of other races if they interest them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Perception can differ depending on a kindred with water kindred having better hearing then other and and darkness kindred being able to see in complete darkness. Along with some other abilities that are only accessible to kindred such as earth kindred feeling vibration in the earth itself or nature being able to communicate with plant life around them. But their is only one trait that all kindred have, a psychic link to one another. How this is possible is unknown, but they are able to communicate thoughts and emotions to one another at will. But this can be blocked if they put up mental defenses to protect their thoughts. But it is possible for some kindred to be born blind or deaf and rely on their other senses to allow them to interact with it environment. The capabilities are almost endless at this point.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Kindred will often take a name that is in connection with their element. It is unkown if they would take a name other then that.

Beauty Ideals

They are not judgement with beauty and see it as it is.

Gender Ideals

Kindred do not believe in gender and will do as they please no matter if they they look male of female.

Courtship Ideals

Unkown if they go into such lengths

Relationship Ideals

It is unsure what interactions a kindred would have in a relationship with another kindred if it were possible or even with another race entirely. Seeing how they lack key features to actually have an actual working relationship.

Average Technological Level

Kindred to not require technology to maintain themselves.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Kindred link and what culture they adopt.

Common Etiquette Rules

Depending on what culture they adopt.

Common Dress Code

Kindred do not actual need to wear cloths, but they may create an illusion of clothing to make it easier to interact with them rather than being naked. While some will special armor or materials to better control their forms. Then their are some that are just naked even though they have no sexual organs to see.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Kindred have been known to adopt cultures and customs of people’s they have been around for long periods of time. Which many consider the culture they been around their culture. It is unkown if there are cultures that kindred have created of their own.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Depending on what culture they adopt.

Common Taboos

Individual kindred have their own types of taboos depending on their element type or interactions with other cultures. Making some interactions with some different to others.


The history of the kindred is an elusive one at best and how they came to be is unknown, due to lack of records. But many can be found in myths and legends that by those who could not explain what they saw with some considered demons, monsters enhanced individuals, or gods for that matter. You would have to piece them together first to see what the picture really looks like to know the truth. Which very few people know about it to begin with, allowing to do as they pleased without anyone knowing about them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Kindred relationships with other races are nonexistent and most reaction are with a select few individuals that know about them or they revealed themselves to them making some contact possible. But the masses know nothing about them and are often declared a myth and are not given any attention.
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
Conservation Status
Due to their elusive nature it is unknown how many exist in the current world.
Average Height
Depending on type
Average Weight
Depending on type
Average Length
Depending on type
Average Physique
Depend only on what element they are made of.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, red, blue, green, grey, white, brown, yellow

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