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Hakna - supplies
Asha feuja munna?- what are you intentions here?
Akma- Store
Denout maruk yon ba - My patience's is drawing to an end
Crocadli - crocodile
Yuma gune - your a lucky man
Akan numut tran? - how do you know my name?
Otem tuka yun tud - maybe the guards pay me better
Hek Nadak Ounta - why let the rat go?
Alend Custa - Blessings upon you
Penera tucha? - When does the sun come?
Al mu tuca lo - When the moon falls
Ack un? - really?
Opua ba coruea - how did that happen
Keta ta tuca oto macha - be careful around here
Haka - silence
  [left}Ena hun ba to te - please, I won't do it again]
Ishne to hende - I'm here to return the favor
Kenaba - mercy
Wund ak no leno chu - you know the price of stealing


16 Words.


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