Black Wolf Swamp

Black Wolf Swamp is one of the most hazardous places in Kineth. Mostly for the poisonous plants and the giant fish which can eat a man whole. It was said to have been created from the carcass of The Beast and he was killed by moon goddess near when he tried to gain the powers of the moon. The body feel in the forest and in dark form twisted everything around creating the swamp in its place. With some saying that sometimes when the water is clear enough, you can see some of its bones below the water


The swamp is found in the Great Forest in its southern regions. It hard not to miss it since you cn smell and see its water if ease. Its a dark and twisted place were the sun rarely hits and the trees are said to be alive.

Fauna & Flora

The plants are mosly fungal by nature with some trees adapting to the murky waters. But the posionous plants are the most lethal, especially, Night Wolf and Red Twins. But is a benefical plant the exists as well call Moon Tear that has many properties that are benefical. The their is the most dangerous animal that exists in the swamp, the Gripper Fish. This massive fish has no teeth, but instead latches onto it prey and swollows it whole only fo it to sufficae in its stomach
Alternative Name(s)
Black Swamp
Wetland / Swamp


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