Armon Field

It is consider a place that is sacred in Ardania as it is dated back to the Battle of Red Fields, between the kingdoms of Arda and Dania. It was said that the battle went on for weeks and the there was so much blood that the ground did not wish to absorb anymore and rivers of it could be seen for miles. Then the unexpected happened, the solders from both sides stopped fighting and went back home and leaving thier weapons in the ground as they done spilling enough blood in their lifetime. The weapons still there to this day and no one dare go there as it is said to be haunted by thousands of dead soldiers still fighting each other.


Though it looks like any other field, it most distinct feature are all the swords and other weapons sticking out of the ground that go one for miles that signify the defiance of soliders and as markers for those who had died their.

Fauna & Flora

There are only two types of plants that exist their, grass and Blood Lilies's. Blood Lilies are often the result of blood being spilt into the ground and with the blood that was spilt so long ago, they often go on for miles.

Natural Resources

The Blood Lily are often used in medicine and in drinks are they help strength the immune system and repel disease.
Alternative Name(s)
Field of Blades
Owning Organization


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