Another short read

Twig felt a shiver down his spine as he sat at the table across from the cells. He wouldn’t even be here if he just kept his mouth shut on who was going to watch the prisoners and low and behold he was the one assigned to it. It was bad enough that they almost killed him, but that redhead girl that almost finished the job kept staring at him whenever he looked at prisoners. He didn’t even know why they had to be watched in the first place, it was not like they could get out of cells, and even if they did they were several floors underground with armed guards on every floor. Maybe it was just to make sure they did try to in the first place, well at least he had time to write in his journal at least to pass the time. But he didn’t really like being down this far below, he heard from some of the guards that the place was haunted and he could have sworn he felt something watching him despite nothing being there.   “When are we going to eat again.” said one of the prisoners. He turned to face them from his chair. The prisoners were divided into three cells that could fit a couple of them. Despite their age, they were mostly intact and they didn’t seem to have decayed in any way long after Dra Toren was abandoned. He had to hand it to those Elves they knew how to make things last. “ We already fed ya, you won’t be getting any more for a while,” said Twig. “You call that a meal, a pig gets more food than this.” said an older-looking man in one of the cells on the right. For being slaves they seemed to complain a lot, maybe just stayed quiet when their masters were around. “You do understand that you are not guests here right, just be glad you got anything at all.” He turned back to write in his journal, he wanted to record everything he experienced since he got from lady Sophia. She had done so much for him since they met and she helped him learn how to read, he might as well use it the best he could. “What do you plan on doing with us.” another prisoner said. He didn’t bother to turn around and kept writing. “How am I supposed to know that, it's up to the ones in charge to decide, not me.” He heard muting from behind him as he was dipping more ink onto his quill. He just hoped that he would be able to get out of here and do something productive. “ Well, that is quite obvious considering that you can’t be one of the ones in charge.” “Grabbing a hold of you was way too easy.” He stopped for a moment as he heard a female voice. Please don't tell me it's from that woman as he tried to best ignore it. He just continued to write and ignored it as best he could. He was not going to be toyed by them no matter how hard they tried. “ I bet you were put hereafter how bad we got the drop off on him.” “Of course, they decided to place you here to live with the shame, weakling.” He stopped again and it took a moment for the words to sink in. They were going to do this until he made them stop. He took a deep breath, got up from his chair, and turned around to see the redhead smirk at him in the cell in the middle. “Well at least I’m not stuck in a cell unlike you lot and watching you is like watching over a bunch of whining children.” “ You should be grateful if you ask me, we saved your sorry asses back there.” He heard a few whispers amongst them, but the women just seemed angry now. “Oh really, you call this saving us, putting us in a dark cell where the sun will never reach us.” “It just feels like being back home again.”   He didn’t know why he was even doing this with them, but for some reason she just made his blood boil. Maybe because it was she almost killed him or the attitude she was giving him. “Calm down, Ada we should be angering them, we will gain nothing but trouble from this.” said one of the older men. She did even bother by his warning and just continued. “What, you think this one will give us trouble?” “Look at him, he doesn’t even look, he knows how to fight, weakling.” He clenched his fist at that word, weakling, he was anything but that. But he stopped himself short and took a deep breath. He was not going to get on his nerves. He grabbed the chair and sat back down as it turned to them. “ You know I almost feel for that trick of yours.” Ada looked ignorant when he heard him say that. “What do you mean trick?” He crossed his arms and smiled, in his hands was a ring of keys. The clanking they made seemed to echo through the room. “Oh, the one where you snatch these from me when I get too close.” He tossed them on the table and it landed next to the candle that was lit. He took a few steps forward toward the middle cell. “Not so smart now are you, only an idiot would fall for that.” “Which means you’ve done this before haven’t you.” Ada gave him an annoyed look and spit on him. The spit landed on his right shoulder, where he just rubbed it off. “Please forgive her master, she wasn’t born a slave.” “So being locked up in a cell is something that she doesn’t like.” One of the older men said.   Twig did notice that his eyes looked silverish when the light reflected on them. But that could wait, for now, he didn’t like being called master from the way he said it. “There’s no need to call me that, no one owns anyone here, from what you know you're all free once everyone agrees.” The sound of surprised muttering amongst the cells began when they heard this. “Bullshit, you're just telling us that to keep us quiet.” Replied Ada. He let out a sigh, this was not going to be easy, and decide to take a risk. He extended his hand out toward the cell bars. “The names Dylan, but everyone around here calls me Twig, as you can see why.” He waved his hand down his body. They seemed to be surprised when he did this, they were sure it was a trick or he was just stupid. Ada thought about just grabbing his arm and slamming his head on the bars, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her from doing so. Then a hand went through the bars and clasped his hand. It was the silvered eye man. “I am Geron, though I wish the circumstances were better for this meeting.” After a few moments, they let and Twig grabbed his chair to sit down in, only he sat in it in reverse. “ I wish that was true on my end too.” “So tell me who you think we are?” No one seemed to be willing to answer that in case they said something that might offend the young man, despite him being friendly towards them. “Your bandits aren’t you, that’s why you have us looked up and separated from the others so we don’t plan to escape together.” Said Ada, who was the only one who decided to speak up. Twig was a little confused at what she said. “Others?” “What are you talking about, you were the only ones that we managed to get our hands on.”


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