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Smoked Amber

In the underdark city of Caduben, there is an intoxicating elixir prized by the nobility, both in the capitol and among the concentrations of wealth in other northern elven settlements. In Vanaheim it is considered an acquired taste, but the Night Elves adore it nearly across the board. It is just about the only thing that can make social situations feel natural.   To make it, first rock sugar is cooked down to a thick, dark syrup, which is then fermented with crushed almonds. In the distillation step, the smoke of resins that seep from from the remaining red oak roots in Newautumn is piped in to thicken and infuse the spirits with a deep smokiness. Finally it is aged in burned oak barrels for decades to thicken further before being bottled and sent to high tables.
In the real world, Smoked Amber is the Apothecary's September lip butter flavor of the month • Amaretto, Red Oak & Molasses
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Available in the wealthier areas of Svartalfheim, and nearly everywhere in Vanaheim with a sizable Night Elven population.
Add 1d6 to CHA checks for 10 minutes


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