Mountains of Creation

There were nine Giants that were created in the beginning who helped shape the building of Jotunheim, and were deciding heroes of the The Iron War, some of the few from the Age of Creation whose names made it into the history scrolls. It is a great honor to be able to tie one's lineage to one of these Mountains of Creation, as they are called, especially Gweluon.  
  1. Gweluon Peakstrider • The First Giant
  2. Losdaer Snowfell
  3. Taulir Northmountain
  4. Lúrëaon Longstorm
  5. Glemeril Ghostecho
  6. Sýlil Windwalker
  7. Ringnis Coldbones
  8. Nixë Frostfang
  9. Helcë Icespear
Civic, Honorific


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