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Sylvester Meanish

(a.k.a. Read Hand)

Sylvester Meanish (born 12 Fral 2555 ME) is a Particlist and the CEO of Meanish Software, he is also a former Admiral of the Armada of Truth. Born into a Noble House Meanish on the Wing, he spent time imprisoned in both his house and a sanitarium damaging his mental health which caused him to develop severely negative mental health issues including narcissism, psychopathy, and intense misogyny. He was well known for revolutionising the economy of the Plateau, and his ideas were kept in place until the 60's AW. He was well known for his intense rivalry with SuSkHe member Levitus Succoro especially since he murdered the Elementium's wife and daughter. After the war he was arrested, but soon freed on parole thanks to the information he provided on other Armada war criminals. He started the computer software company Meanish Software which made him a fortune. He is still regarded with a mix of fear, awe, and hatred, and he mostly lives in isolation because of this.



Born in the town of Langon shortly before it was incorporated into the Council Conurbation as the second son of Thomas and Rebecca Meanish. At the time the Meanish family was the only remaining Mortal noble family. They were close followers of the Old Gods and controlled a great deal of factories in the Council area of northern Fastra and southern Boodah.
Throughout his childhood Meanish showed aptitude in a variety of subjects including finance, maths, computing, and combat. A popular if unassuming child he was well liked by most who met him and considered to have a better head on his shoulders than his older brother Julian.
Throughout his childhood Meanish, like his siblings, had an aversarial relationship with his mother, while he was close to his father. In 2570 ME, at the age of fifteen, his father died and he had to step up and take greater responsibilities in the house hold while coming further and further under his mother's thumb. Such restrictions were in place due to his closeted homosexuality.
In 2574 ME Meanish when through the Change revealing his true species as a Caustermyne. The family was horrified by this and were desperate to keep it secret, even keeping Meanish imprisoned in the house for a period of time. But Meanish chaffed against these restrictions and insisted he be taught Magick, which was refused. However, Meanish studied Particlism in secret.
Three years into his effective house arrest Meanish performed a technique on himself that modified the phylactery technique used by Lich's. Instead he focused his Magick on part of his body (in this case his right hand) and forced all of his Magick into it. This condensesd the Magick making him ten times as powerful, however this power was concentrated solely in his right hand making the rest of his body very weak. It also had the unintended consequences of nearly killing him. He was discovered screaming, his hand broken, twisted, and burned beyond recognition. Following this his family had him committed to the Blueton Sanitarium where they paid to have him drugged at all times.
A year later he was discovered by Antagon who valued his financial and technical abilities, as well as his Magick powers. Antagon took financial control of Meanish away from the House Meanish who slowly started to get better and was able to functioning. However he was forever changed by the experience.  

Armada of Truth

After his discharge from the Blueton Sanitarium in 2579 ME he immediately joined the Armada of Truth and quickly progressed to being its chief treasurer. His skills and intelligence at finance revolutionised the Armada as he transformed their donation system and even got some rich business and nobles to donate to the cause. When the war began in 2581 ME his job title and description was changed to suit the war effort.
After the conquering of Pan Tradier, which was made the capital of the Armada, he was made First Director of the Economy and given a remit to develop the economy and infrastructure to support the troops, and ensure that the political goals of Armada were accomplished. He did both of these things through the use of a planned economy and the forced seisure of private property.
As the war was breaking out, he snuck back into the Council Conurbation and killed his entire family during dinner. While his siblings, their spouses, and children, where killed with his Magick or strength, his mother was found strangled and her face bludgeoned beyond recognition. From then on he was considered the High Seat of House Meanish, a title he didn't accept, nor was it recognised by the Grand Chamber due to the murders perpetuated.
Already an Admiral, by 2585 ME he was leading troops into battle. He focused mostly on small campaigns dealing with sieges and blockades.
At the age of forty-seven, and considered one of the most powerful people on the Plateau, he first fought his greatest enemy Levitus Succoro during the battle of Daffodil Field and was defeated. This would create an intense hatred in Meanish that would last until the present day. The two would go on to fight numerous times during the war, during which time Meanish became familiar with the other members of the SuSkHe squad whom he also tried to kill at times.
During this time he had to work alongside his fellow Admirals, particularly Emma James and Tiarna Liathfeasog who, while respecting them, he also hated as well. James for being a woman, and Liathfeasog for his zealotry. With a high opinion of himself and an arrogant attitude, this dislike went both ways. He also had little time for either Admiral Jon Maeker or Upton Zidaar whom he viewed as being annoying and weak. Despite this, and his best efforts not to, he always enjoyed the banter that developed between the five Admirals. He was also close to Antagon who respected his skills and powers, Meanish in turn respected Antagon both as a mentor and the man who freed him from his prison.  

Murder of Lauren and Lucy Bellows

In 2640 ME Meanish joined his forces with Admiral Tiarna Liathfaesog's legion. The one hundred man force went up again SuSkHe member Leros Almanack and only just managed to kill him. During the battle Meanish has his left hand cut off which left him with a permanent scar around his wrist after it was reattached.
After this he was targeted by the remaining members of SuSkHe in a series of reprisals that ended in the deaths of all legion members and a massive bombing in Pan Tradier. The attempts on his life made Meanish renew his attempts to kill Succoro. However the following four years prevented him from following through on any of plans as the war effort ramped up with the Rainbow Guard becoming a greater threat. during this time Meanish personally killed two members of the Oxcisor who had tried to kill him, and even tried to orchestrated a plan to kill their leadership, which was unsuccessful.
In Onover 2648 ME Meanish was finally able to act on his plans to kill Succoro. After discovering the location of his family through an unknown source, Meanish kidnapped them and, knowing Succoro as well as he did, knew he would come to him like a bull in a china shop. Trapping Succoro in the tunnels beneath the Sand Cliffs, he tortured Lauren and Lucy Bellows for hours reveling in every scream, before killing them.
Just as Meanish turned his gun on a mentally broken Succoro, the Elementium went insane and activated his True Self. It is unknown how Meanish survived the subsequent explosion. However he was unearthed three days later traumatised. Antagon originally intended to use Meanish as bait to lure out a crazed Succoro, blaming his erstwhile subordinate for the situation. But he calmed down and Succoro disappeared. Meanish was to learn a few years later that Succoro had died.
After believing he had finally killed his oldest enemy, Meanish became a much calmer individual, some would say happy. He even started to get along with Admiral Emma James, even though he frequently tried to kill her nonetheless. However, after Succoro's return he began to grow darker, upset and angry that his plan had failed. His only joy was that every time Succoro tried to kill him he could manipulate the man enough to be able to escape or defeat him.  

End of the War

With the destruction of Palacetown in 2698 ME, the war entered a phase known as the cold war. The Armada consolidated their power, as did the Rainbow Guard. This and the continued gurrela tactics by the Free Plateau Army, kept both sides on their toes.
Meanish's job during this time was to continue his prior work at creating an economy directed by utopian ideals, this included a planned economy, the seisure of all assets and property of prior Monotherium supporters, rich officials, and upper-class nobles, which was redistrbuted to the working class who lived and worked the land originally. He also helped develop the middle-class, but making sure that workers rights were expanded, this allowed for the protection of workers from exploitation while at the same time allowing the middle class to grow into a sizeable force. This economic idea influenced the first wave of radicals and Liberals after the war, with middle-class entrepreneurs split between the two political groupings until the 60's when they started to vote/endorse conservatives.
In 2706 ME the Armada decided to end the war and invaded the land held by the Rainbow Guard. Thanks to Meanish's economic planning he was able to switch the economy from peace time to one of total war. Bringing all their resources to bear, the Armada took the Guard by surprise and crushed them at the battle of Jon's Gambit.
After the battle and, it was predicted, the war was won, Meanish took a third of the combined fleet of the Armada north to Pan Tradier to take command of the reunification process of the five lands under the Armada. His job was to figure out a way to bring the various factions and warlords who ruled pockets of the Five Lands under their control. Just as his work was beginning he heard about the surprise attack of the Free Plateau Army against the first fleet under the command of Antagon and Emma, which was journeying to the west to make sure the Shadow Archipelago capitulated.
Meanish delayed sending troops by 36 hours in order to see if the rebels would win and take Antagon hostage. When he heard that Antagon had been defeated and that he and James were in custody Meanish realised their was no chance. After sending half the third fleet protecting Pan Tradier as reinforcement he no longer had enough troops or recources to hold up against a protracted siege. So he fled and Pan Tradier fell into chaos.
His first move was to go south to the Conurbation to see if he couldn't link up with Liathfaesog, but after learning about the second fleet's defeat and the effective end of the war he instead chose to go Blueton. In the chaos of the end of the war Meanish easily fit into the rush of refugees seeking protection and security. He managed to stay in hiding for two years before he was discovered by the War Crimes Taskforce, and Alistair was sent to apprehend him. After a brutal and short fight Meanish was arrested and brought to trial.
Pleading guilty on top of the evidence and information he provided on the crimes and location of twenty former members of the Armada meant Meanish was freed on parole after four years in Shang Hi prison.  

Return to Power

During the war Meanish had set aside numerous emergency funds in several bank accounts, most under different names. After he was paroled Meanish found that most of his public assets, including Meanish Manor, had been seized from him by the new government. However, thanks to several of those accounts he was able to secretly invest in himself and created a computer software company specialising in cyber security. In 20 AW he had amassed a large fortune and bought back Meanish Manor.
During the After War Age he would remain in seclusion to prevent himself from being attacked by either enemies or friends. He was also banned from partaking in politics aside from small donations and voting. Publicly he kept to his isolation and left the public face of his company to other men and women, only coming out when major deals were signed. Other than that he ran his entire company from his mansion. In the 60's he attempted to set up a big businesses donation network for the Anarchist grouping, this was unsuccessful due to the opposition of high-profile Anarchists and the lack of interest from several business leaders who had moved right inn the last decade. Despite this he remained his regular donations to the Anarchist grouping and other left-wing organisations affiliated with them. In 70 AW he was awarded honorary membership of the organisation by the Young Anarchist organisation, being prevented from being a full member.
However, in private he was dismissive of the Anarchist grouping and other political organisations that claimed to follow the values of the Armada. While he still believed in secular Utopianism, he was annoyed by the Anarchists devotion to opposition instead of ruling. In secret he cultivated a series of connections with a generation of younger post-war non-ideological politicians from the main political groupings and parties who believed that the Tricorne War was caused by the ideological divisions of the past and feared that the Council was going to end up this way as well. He saw their belief in a form of democratic centralism with policies derived from public approval and represented by a single mass non-ideological party that became the representative of the state interesting. He saw them as weak power hungry individuals who would be easily manipulated. Taking the time to cultivate their careers and get them in positions of power he was able to secretly direct the policies of the Elder Triumvirate and the Council to his own ends.  


Meanish is short at only 5'6" and weighing 135 lbs, he is a compact individual with broad shoulders and a wide torso. He has a handsome freckled face with the tanned skin of a Rivush. His most distinctive feature is his right burned hand which is covered in unhealed blisters which often split open and cause him a great deal of pain. He often has to resort to strong pain medication to prevent it affecting him too much.
He is often clothed in his house's traditional colours of crimson and black, often wearing a cloak in public alongside a single vicuna glove covering his right hand. His clothing is one of the few times he lets his money and arrogance show, often wearing expensive outfits hearkening to his supposed nobility and wealth.  


Meanish has often been described as arrogant and narcissistic. Numerous psychologists have diagnosed him with a god-complex, narcissistic personality disorder, and virulent misogyny. Just speaking to him gives you the sense that he believes and knows he is better than you. Disabusing him of that notion is often a bad idea, he is often described as psychopathic when it comes to anyone who has every outsmarted him or outwitted him. He is also not above sadism, willing to kill his entire family in gruesome ways, as well as torturing his enemies family's in front of them. However, he is not above working with or under somebody else, particularly if it gets him what he wants. Selfish and arrogant, Meanish has deep-seated mummy issues and fears being imprisoned or being made powerless as he is still traumatised by his past experiences with his family something he has refused to talk about with any psychologist and often threatens to kill them if they bring it up.  



Meanish, as a Caustermyne, has significant Magickal powers. This has been boosted significantly by his attempt at the phylactery ritual which placed all his strength and Magick into his hand, boosting it ten fold. In order to keep his body functioning Meanish uses a series of symbols written on bandages around his right arm to allow the flow of Magick and strength. Without this he would be as weak as a baby. With his hand and the symbols he has significant Magickal power which he uses in combination with his Particlist abilities to cause giant explosions, manipulate blasts of air, and even erupt the earth all to devastating degrees. However, due to his lack of training he only has a basic understanding of particlism, this is why his powers are limited to only the basic and large, rather than the subtle touch. However his power and focus makes up for this in combat. Some who have faced view it as a good thing, as facing someone as strong as Meanish with far greater skill would mean they wouldn't walk away alive.
Thanks to his power and his maturity of using it he can detect slight differences in the particles around him. However due to his lack of skill and age he can't tell much beyond this, however he can detect particles in a vast range.  

Physical Attributes

As Meanish's strength is contained entirely in his right hand he has a very limited well of stamina and strength, however thanks to the symbols on his arm he can flood his body with a jolt of this strength allowing him to fight. His fighting techniques are lacking considerably due to this fact, he mostly relies on his Magick and the strength of his right hand, which has the power break bones and smash solid titanium with very little effort. It also contains all his speed, dexterity, and reaction, which means that while his body is slow his hand can react with blinding speed. He has been shown stopping fists and catching bullets shot at him. Because of this weakness his fighting style mostly revolves around attacking with punches and blocks using his right hand.  

Family Tree

Honorary & Occupational Titles
CEO of Meanish Software, High Seat of House Meanish on the Wing (unaccepted), Admiral of the Armada of Truth (former), First Director of the Finance Department (former)
Year of Birth
9753 AR 247 Years old
Meanish Manor, Langon, Fastra, Kingdom of Sunland
Current Residence
Meanish Manor, Langon, Council Conurbation, Conurbation, Sunland
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male
Dark Blue
Black and sleek
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
135 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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