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Armada of Truth

The Armada of Truth, commonly called The Armada, was a revolutionary military and political organisation devoted to the overthrow of the Monotherium and replacement with its own government. As such it often blended the military and political spheres. A far-left organisation it was devoted to creating a Utopian socialist society based on the teachings of its leader Antagon using revolutionary tactics to achieve change. Such tactics included peaceful protest, riots, terrorist actions, petitions, voting, and marches. It was one of the belligerents of the Tricorne War against the Monotherium and the Rainbow Guard. After the end of the war and the organisations defeat, the now ruling Plateau Government place many of the Armada's leaders on trial for war crimes and forcibly dissolved the organisation. This caused the group to evolve into the Anarchist Grouping. In modern Plateau the Armada has a rather polarised opinion, with equal groups despising and praising the organisation, many veterans groups have also been setup to support the Armada veterans.

Freedom Together and Justice for All

18 Sytush 2498 ME - 4 Solmower 1 AW

Geopolitical, Republic
Successor Organization
Truthers, Seemen
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Armada Scill
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Judicial College
Notable Members

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