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The Plateau

26th Gam 96 AW

Created by

The Plateau is a continent of magic. Lifted 2.34 miles above the surface of the world, the continental plate is surrounded on all sides by mist and waterfalls, it is also magically hidden to prevent invasion. A world of magic and technological innovation, the Plateau is a modern world with the added benefits of magic and long life. The Mages of the Plateau live almost 800 years. They have seen the rise and fall of kings, the creation of democracy, wars, famine, and the end times, and have come through it all. It is also inhabited by a variety of older beings who share the Plateau, such as the Fae, Orks, and Kepos. The Plateau is divided into five regions or Lands. These are the polar Polaris, the flat Golden Vale, the large grassy Sunlands, the sandy Desert Lands, and the islands of the Shadow Archipelago. The present Plateau is one of recovery. It has been almost a century since a great titanic civil war rocked the continent, and still people are just recovering from it. Although it has been decades, the wounds are still fresh. The Plateau is also the centre of a great mystery known as the Portal which being from across the universe to the planet and its continent. For what reason it's impossible to say.

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