Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson (a.k.a. The Never-seen Kidnapper)

Erin Johnson seemed to be born a criminal. She had a natural affinity for lying, manipulation, and pickpocketing. From the day she was born Erin has wanted nothing more than to be better and greater. She trains hard and focuses on her lessons, promising to herself that she will one day be remembered, like every great Calico.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erin grew up knowing nothing but training and five infamous Calico names. From the moment she was born she was taught how to sneak into a room without making noise, and by the age of seven she could walk into a room and gather enough information on a person to understand the basics of their personality, and with enough information could emotionally scar them.

She grew up in a harsh home, but learned to accept that, and is now doing everything she can to make sure her name and her legacy is remembered in Calico history.


Growing up constantly being trained and memorizing the greatest Calico deeds, Erin did not mind going to school. She, unsurprisingly, is one the only one who actually enjoys going to public school. Her cousins/teammates tend to complain about it, but she finds it quite enjoyable. After all, there are so many things she can just grab, and no one notices!

But that's beside the point.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Erin has been one of the most quickest learning Calicoes. She has passed several pre-Entrance Exam tests with flying colors, and has been known for her quick wittedness in tongue. She has not only been proficent in her lessons at home, but also at school, receiving several honor rolls. Story Spoiler
However, one of Erin's proudest achievements has been the Honorable Offenders award given by The Elders of the Entrance Exams.


Niki Johnson

Baby Brother (Vital)

Towards Erin Johnson



Erin Johnson

Older Sister (Vital)

Towards Niki Johnson




Erin adores her little, baby brother Niki and would do anything for him.

Current Status
practicing her kidnapping skills
Niki Johnson (Baby Brother)
long, straight dark brown


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