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Wizards *WIP*

  • Seen as High Magic because of its serious study and carful execution.
  • Study and manipulate magic.
  • These are the scientist, the doctors, historians that strive to figure out how magic affects people and the world. And the defense of that world.
  • They study and research the fungi of Lilienwelt and how it manipulate the environment around it.
  • These dudes ('dudes' the way I use it is gender neutral, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes, yeah) also try to use magic to better people's lives. They make buildings with it and other stuff I can't think of on the spot.
  • They also study the Fey and their creation. And manage Human/Fey relations.
  • More brain surgeons than country doctors. Macro than micro.
  • alchemy/alchemists *WIP* 
Educational, Scientific Institute


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