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Terboy is a village located in the country of Gubrarat. It is famous for its production of Terian Crystals which is used in most Magic-Tek products.   The village was founded roughly around the same time as Gubrarat, when a few regular merchants travelling from Grand Portwai Aux Renags to Hellione, realised that there were very few safe spaces to stop along the northern road. What started off as a semi-permanent caravan stop, eventually turned into a small village. With more permanent villagers, the area surrounding the village was able to be explored. This exploration led to the discovery of the burrows not far from the village where crystals seemed to grow.   As the scholars and wizards of Grand Portwai Aux Renags began to invesitagte the crystals and their propeities, more and more burrows were found. The crystals were eventually discovered to be crystalised magic. When enchanted with a certain charge of magic, the magical power inside the crystals could be released. Given that all Magic-Tek at this point had been powered by wizards having to manually power them, this revlation was huge. As a result, operations were set up to begin harvesting the crystals from the burrows.

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