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Sagehaven is a large town in the the country of Richerus, and is the capital of the Sagelands region.  


Sagehaven was the founding town of the country of Richerus, and for a long while was the capital seat of the country, housing the to be king, until the capture of Steelhaven which then saw the capital relocated there.   To this day however, Sagehaven still remains an important site for the country, given its central location and the history associated with it. The Duke of the Sagelands usually has some additional liberties not afforded to the other Dukes of Richerus.  


Given its status and location, Sagehaven is an important hub for all the nearby regions. It is not uncommon for trade routes from Coalbrookdale and Steelhaven to stop in the town. as such, a bustling merchant guild is based here. This has also let to alot of middle and upper class workers and businesses being set up in the town, mostly focused on the crafts and arts.   With the Sagelands also having an abundance of both forestry and arable land, there are quite a few farming and forestry guilds that have their headquarters set up in Sagehaven.

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