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Mallowbush is a town in Richerus, and the capital town of The Plains region.   Mallowbush is a small trading town that greatly benefits from the production of the surrounding villages of Northton and Southton. The town acts as a hub, collecting the fish from both villages and shipping them throughout the country. The town also acts as the artisan hub for the region, producing semi-luxury goods and advanced food goods for the villages.   The Steelhaven Adventurers Guild have a small presence in the town, operating a small guild branch in the town, responsible for all operations within The Plains region.   The town is also home to the Mallowbush Merchant Society, a small guild of influential merchants who operate in the town. They pool their resources together and co-operate together to help everyone in the socieity to profit, such as pooling shipments together to save on transport costs or combining goods together to sell them in bigger volumes.

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