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Ravna Redhand

  Ravna Toradottir, better known as Ravna Redhand or Ravna the Usurper, is the current Queen of Villiers. She was the second eldest of Queen Tora Lawmaker, sibling of King Magnus Torason and Eir Toradottir, and aunt of King Eirik Magnuson. She overthrew her nephew to become queen.
Ravna Redhand is a capable warrior. She used to serve the military as a career, as the second eldest child of the Villersian monarch usually does. She served as the head of her sickly brother Magnus Torason's hird for his short reign.   Eirik Magnuson was young when he became king, and his advisors would often serve as regent in his place. There were concerns about the ties of his advisors and companions, many of which were tied to Elven Unificationists.   A heated court turned deadly. Ravna killed Edelmere Tallon and three of Eirik's hird. She forced Eirik Magnuson to abdicate and imprisoned him and her sister Eir, as well as several of the members of court among them members of the courdian embassy.

Ravna Redhand

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Reign268 IE – Present
PredecessorEirik Magnuson


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Politics often make it evil more complex, but it definitely lends itself well to intrigue! I have a lot of ideas on how to use Ravna in a future game. ^^

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