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Ingredients A-Z


Diamonds are extremely hard gems. The colour may vary slightly, but a diamond is ideally a transclucent white with a brilliant rainbow luster. Diamonds are by far the most potent sources of protective and restorative magic.   Diamonds must be powdered into dust to be used as an alchemical ingredient.
PropertiesProtective, Restorative, Vulnerary.
Used inPotion of Healing


Water is found everywhere, but not all waters are equal. Some different types of water and their properties are listed below.  
  • Crosswater — Water gathered from the confluence of two rivers. Potent for divinatory purposes.
  • Elemental Water — Water harvested from an elemental. Thick with arcane potential.
  • Morning Dew — Collected from plants. Ideal for enhancements.
  • Rainwater — Collected from rain. Decent for cleansing and purification.
  • Rotwater — Also called Dead Water. Stagnant bog water, or death-steeped water. Rotwater is imbued with the unnatural healing factor of the undead.
  • Snowwater — Melted fresh snow. Ideal for treatment or prevention of disease.
  • Springwater — Also called Living Water. Running water collected from natural springs or waterfalls. Springwater brings beauty, and counteracts the negative side effects of rotwater.


Woundwort is herb that frequently grows alongside common grass. It is named after the red blood-like sap it releases when torn or bruised. Its stems are hairy and square, and it grows tiny purple flowers in dense spikes.  


  • The leaves and young shoots can be grinded and applied a poultice as emergency first aid for wounds.
  • Preparing it as a tea brings out it's anticolvulsant properties.

Found in

  • Native to Courdonne and the Castellan Kingdoms.
  • Found everywhere, especially close by the roads.
PropertiesAnticonvulsant, Restorative, Vulnerary.
Used inPotion of Healing


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