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The Godcrafter Manifesto

The Godcrafter Guild was founded by the Clarati sorcerer Illustrata in the days before the fall of Sange and the Age of Warlocks. When he founded it, he wrote 'The Godcrafter Manifesto', an introduction to its principles and beliefs, and laid out the mission of the Guild. While the Godcrafters vanished during the chaos of the Age of Warlocks, the ideas that drove them persisted - most recently manifesting in the ideals of the Cult of the Clarati. While the entire Manifesto has been lost, the introduction is still available, and reads as follows.  
You are a story. You are a fiction. Your story is told by your family, your friends, your community, and strangers around the world and beyond it. This story shapes your thoughts, your deeds, and the world you live in.   You are a storyteller. You create fictions. You tell the story of your family, your friends, your community, and strangers around the world and beyond it. You shape their thoughts, their deeds, and the world they live in.   We are all stories. We are all fictional. We all create the stories that make us family, friends, community, and strangers. We all create the thoughts and deeds and the world with the stories we tell and the stories we live.   You don't have to tell the story blindly. You don't have to let the story rule everything. You can seize the narrative. You can tell the stories of the world you want to live in. You can tell the stories about the person you want to be. You can tell the stories about the gods you wish to become.   You can make new worlds with your stories.
  Fragments of the remainder of the Manifesto go into detail about the mission of the Godcrafters, about how they can use songs and stories to harness and direct the Egregoric Force, and how they can use this to create new gods that will empower the Guild to shape the fate of the entire world. One large fragment details the birth of the Aurelian Bridge, which is the best-known success of the Godcrafters.    The Godcrafter Manifesto has been condemned by most of the religions that have learned of its existence. They proclaim it to be one of the most hubristic statements ever made by any mortal being, to claim the ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of the world. And they point to the failures of the Guild, the monsters unwittingly created by stories gone wild and feral.    Today, the Godcrafter Guild and their Manifesto are considered little more than a bad dream or an evil memory, and the grist for stories themselves. But some do look at the introduction and wonder if the right story could capture the imagination of the world and change it for the better.
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