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The Final Monument

"Travelers say that in the far western sea, a vast statue of a serpent stands alone among the endless waters. The statue, which once adorned the greatest building of the Nakaal, now remains the only monument to their existence. The Clarati cast down the entire royal island of Bhati and nothing beside remains above the waves to mark where once the palace stood tall and proud. On the pedestal, where once was inscribed the motto of the proud and glorious Nakaal emperors, the Clarati left their own message burned into the stone. It reads 'Look upon my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!'" - from Historía by Callisthenes of Macris

Sailors who know the Nichibotsu Sea tell tales of the strange snake statue that stands alone in the middle of the ocean. It is near no island, and has been there for longer than any records can say. Those brave enough to approach the statue have reported that it is mounted on a great dome that disappears below the water. Over the years, there are those who have ventured deeper to see what lies beneath the statue, and have brought back tales of a great island and broken cities lying under the water. They say that the statue is at the pinnacle of a vast and ornate building, located at the summit of an underwater mountain. Some have even ventured into the vast palace beneath the statue and returned with strange treasures, that carried a dire curse upon them. Death stalked those who handled the treasures of the sunken palace, and the ships who carried them.

Few ships sail the waters near the statue, and those that do see it keep far away. Sailors view the serpent as an evil omen, and tell tales of the people who may once have built it. Most scholars believe that the serpent marks the palace of the Nakaal, and the island of Bhati. This idea was popularized by the famous scholar Callisthenes of Macris in his Historía. Some minor scholars have disagreed with the great sage over the years, but few credit their alternative theories of a civilization more ancient and more terrible than the Nakaal.


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