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Stone Egg

"He shall place mountains in the air and drink the sea,
The storm will gust forth from his mouth,
and his feet will strike sparks among the trees.
  He shall plunder heaven and cast down emperors,
He shall steal the skin of the tiger and the dragon,
And all shall be chaos and all shall be remade."

- excerpt from the prophecies of the Stone Egg

Among the Chilseongsin, there is a legend of the stone egg from which a great power shall be borne. For many years, the piratical rebels known as the Imugi have sought the Stone Egg, convinced that its inhabitant would bring down the Empire of Wamato and free their homeland from the Imperial occupation.

The stone egg is said to be ancient, and once stood upon the top of Yeongjusan on the island of Gyeongseong. During the days when the Kingdom of Seomna ruled the island, priests took care to protect the egg from any disruption, not wanting to waken what lay within. After the conquest of Seomna by the Empire of Wamato, the Stone Egg disappeared.

The egg was about two feet across, and was a light grey color with a smooth texture. It was always warm to the touch. Some priests who spent time with the egg claimed that it affected their mood, making them impulsive and belligerent, and more than one fight broke out in the egg's presence. The winners of these fights were intensely elated by their victory, and some even continued to attack others randomly for their rest of their lives.

The Imugi believe that the Empire stole the egg and took it away from the mountain to keep it from hatching. They are always seeking information about where the egg may be now, and claim to have learned the way to quicken its hatching from the writings of one of the Chilseongsin priests who used to tend it. Despite the fact that those priests were explicitly attempting to keep the egg from ever hatching, the Imugi intend to unleash the being within the egg, so that it may grind the Empire of Wamato into dust beneath its heel.


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