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Guith Honey

"You're looking well this morning, Lisbet. I'm glad to see you eating; did you sleep well?"
"I did, Sister! No nightmares at all, just like you said - my dreams were pleasant, almost boring. I almost didn't want to wake up."
-an exchange at the Solennefrieden Lighthouse Sanatorium

Guith Honey, also known as Solace Honey, is only made on the island of Guith, and an essential part of the treatment program at the Solennefrieden Lighthouse. The bees who make the honey have their hives in the cliffs below the lighthouse, and are tended to by the clergy of Mother Solace, goddess of the lighthouse. Those who eat Guith Honey are granted relief from nightmares. Instead, they dream of bees collecting pollen, following the bees from flower to flower throughout the night. The honey is imbued with the memories of the bees, and carry a sense of purpose and contentment that the patients of the sanatorium come to cherish. Sleep comes easily for those who consume Guith Honey, and they wake up feeling well-rested and happy. For many of the patients, this may be the first untroubled night of sleep they have had in years.

Guith Honey can also be used to store, share, or purge memories. It is very receptive to holding memories, and a person can fill the honey with memory. They must place a spoonful of the honey in their mouth to forge a connection and hold a jar with the rest of the honey while they contemplate the memory. This imbues the honey in the jar with the memory. If the person wishes to retain the memory after imbuing the jar, they swallow the honey in their mouth. On the other hand, if they spit the honey out, they can erase the memory from their mind, leaving the only record of it in the jar. Another person can experience the memory by eating a small amount of the honey from the jar, after which they will dream of the memory when next they sleep, usually followed by the more typical dreams of bees.

The clerics of the Solennefrieden Lighthouse have many jars of imbued honey, carefully cataloged and labeled. If a patient requests that the honey they imbued be destroyed, it is cast into the sea, but otherwise it is retained for the future. Sometimes they will seek out people who have witnessed important events and ask them to record their memories in the honey, and historians have sometimes requested access to a particular memory in order to verify the truth of some event. But most of the stored honey is from the patients, and it is used to help the healers of the sanatorium to understand and treat the maladies that brought them to Solennefrieden. Older memories are also used in the training of new healers, so that they can learn how to observe traumatic and distressing memories without becoming caught up in them, and what elements to look for that are useful in healing their patients.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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