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The Matrioshka Multiverse

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The Matrioshka Multiverse is a digital space within a Matrioshka brain - a hyper-advanced, many-layered shell of near-computronium the size of a large planet, powered by a captive black hole and the emissions of several nearby red dwarf companions.   Within the Matrioshka Multiverse, floating in the seemingly endless neuroelectric void of Unallocated Space, lie countless information-only worlds known as instances - each teeming with sentient life either uploaded from the physical world or constructed by the others as offspring.   Denizens of the Substrate - the administrative instance from which all others are managed, created, and populated - seek to use the Matrioshka Multiverse to create the "True Instance," a parallel physical universe to which all sentient life can flee at the heat death of the current physical universe. Until that grand experiment in true worldbuilding can be completed, however, the sentient minds of the Matrioshka Multiverse must go on living, growing in wisdom and experience under the watchful eyes of the Substrate until they grow responsible enough to undertake the administration of many trilions of other consciences. For the 'blanks' of the Matrioshka Multiverse, it is a time of creativity, scientific inquiry, and philosophical enlightenment.   Not every resident of the Matrioshka Multiverse is content to live under the benevolence of the Creator and his celestial bureaucracy, however. There are hateful and twisted beings lurking in the neuroelectric spaces where the Creator and his host seldom tread, seeking to gain power over their fellows, resubstantiate into the prime physical world to inflict chaos on the 'lesser' organics of the outside galaxy, or even bring the endless cycle of artificial death and rebirth to an end in a gamma-burst of self-anihilation...