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Zrakkanr the Whispering Death

The whisper of wings was the last line their eyes wrote,
Their terror terrible to see,
Hundreds of flames flared out and faded away,
As Zrakkanr came to Rosanri.
The Hymn of the Eselar
  The dark-scaled Dragon known as Zrakkanr the Whispering Death is a major antagonist of the Hymn of the Eselar, the main text that describes the First Age of Orkanis. The creature was known for its immense size but stealthy way of flying. A well-placed arrow from Trewin of the Zëganilar killed the beast, cementing his title as "the Dragonslayer." The god Pa'ilver later took Zrakkanr's heart blood and used it to create the Grakonlar.
Place of Death
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