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Lullaby of the Deep

Carried out across the Ironstone mountains, though primarily in Kur'Taloth, the Lullaby of the Deep is any organised playing of music and singing of song that is done in order to soothe, pacify and put to sleep, the god of primordial instinct and unfettered rage known as Jokhosh. It is they who control the natural disasters that originate from deep in the ground such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.   The hope is that, by playing a gentle song, they may be able to temper the god's emotional outbursts and vengeful nature that manifest in such disasters, an event known occasionally as Jokhosh's Rage.


The tradition originated in Kur'Taloth, when the mountain-dwellers would pray for safety or a reprieve from some catastrophe they may have been facing. In those moments, it surely seemed as if Jokhosh themselves were wreaking havoc with all their might. The establishment of Isturian Polytheism across the entire kingdom of Isturoth, meant that this ritual could easily make its way across the border to Vašira and is now a deeply-rooted part of Isturian life.


The execution of this tradition is fairly flexible and is more about the intention behind the act rather than how it is precisely performed. It is widely believed that the more people participate in the ritual, the more it is likely to be heard and the more successful it will be in pacifying the unruly god. Entire villages or cloisters will gather to perform a song that is designed to quiet one who's temper is constantly raging. This may be accompanied by prayer, recitations, offerings and so on, which will vary from region to region.

Components and tools

Instruments of all kinds, particularly drums, are required to complete the performances. This is because the resonance of drums will carry the farthest, particularly through the ground, as the vibrations will be felt by Jokhosh.
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Dec 13, 2023 13:59 by Marc Zipper

What a cool tradition I like that it is to calm the god anger

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