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Dhares Kemal

Written by Sterrestel

Dhares Arethilia Kemal

One of the most dangerous kreos, Dhares is always looking to make a deal, especially with those who are arrogant enough to abuse those under them. He is manipulative and flirtatious, however, he is also extremely loyal to those he is close to.

Dhares' energy signature is clear with little wisps of gold in it. In other words, when he's manipulating gravity, it looks like he's radiating heat due to the properties of his energy.



Adonis and Dhares may have met during some kind of public event; Adonis, a well known dancer + playboy, Dhares a model. Adonis, upon spotting him, immediately decided he must possess him. This did not go to plan.

Adonis was known for his ‘hoard’ of partners; in other words, he tends to be quite affectionate, though possessive. He can be terrifying, and not all of his hoard have consented to be his. Instead, he has somehow come into possession of their souls.

Dhares is the first to somehow turn the tables and obtain possession of Adonis’ soul… which he is less than happy about. He binds him with a soul contract, burning each others’ names into each others’ skin, and then Dhares has full control of him. He can order him to do anything he wants, and if Adonis refuses, the mark on his collarbone will burn. Dhares has captured himself a dragon, and as such, a hoard of other beings, too.

Dhares then proceeds to practically bully Adonis into loving him, and the once Terrifying and Dominating dragon suddenly finds himself melting into Dhares’ affection.

Dhares is the only one that can get away with teasing and challenging Adonis; any others know not to attempt it.

Although Adonis began wanting to possess Dhares, it was more so in a shallow ‘dragon hoarding pretty things’ way. So, to find himself tricked by Dhares, and then incessantly flirted with… well. Adonis is very much unused to being flustered. And so, the slow burn battle begins.


To Expand

Dhares was not only one of the first few kreos to be blessed, but the very first. Malefis didn’t even mean to bless him in the first place.

Originally, Kreos were born with only a sliver of their souls, which is captured and put into a pendant. Once a kreos died, that was it; they wouldn’t reincarnate. Malefis blessed them, and suddenly the kreos became… honestly kinda OP. LOL.

I don’t even remember HOW Malefis ‘accidentally’ blessed him?? All I know is that Dhares, who usually has a VERY high pain tolerance, was in tears when his wings began to grow in. (By high pain tolerance, I mean he barely flinched when a goddamn crystal was SHOVED into his chest)

Dhares wasn’t always so confident, but that’s not too surprising. He used to be a lot more impulsive than he is now, and would often cause his cousin to have heart attacks due to worry.

(need to make a doc for Emrasi as well)

Unlike a lot of humans, Dhares knows that sexual intimacy is a desire, not a need, so he'd be 100% fine if he never did anything ever again



- Dhares manages to piss off Adonis so much that he ‘attacks’ him. And Dhares… gets flustered.

-Both Dhares and Emrasi wear a lot of purple; the color of corruption and perceived power. Dhares’ energy has flecks of gold, revealing his true power, and Emrasi has lots of gold accents.
-In both cases, the purple is to throw off their ‘adversaries’

Dhares and Funis???

  • Funis might manage to fluster him due to being so naturally sweet…

  • Mental characteristics



    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Tricking a dragon into giving him their soul. He’s quite proud of that one.

    Failures & Embarrassments

    One of few of Dhares’ failures includes the bet he made with Daemis; a bet that she would not last beyond a certain point in time. He lost this bet, as she survived a blow he never expected, and his soul ended up belonging to her, rather than the other way around. Funnily enough, he later learned he didn’t even have a soul. The bet was then void, and he easily freed himself.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Dhares can often seem impulsive, airheaded, and like a bit of a himbo, but this actually isn’t the case at all. He is much smarter than he seems, and uses his more ‘flighty’ personality to mask his intentions.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Hates when people want/have power just for the sake of power. Also hates those that take advantage of their power.

    Personality Characteristics

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Dhares is incredibly loyal, often to a fault, though he’d never admit that. Even though his intentions may not be obvious, once you’ve gained his affection, he would do anything to keep you safe and happy.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Dhares can sometimes push people too far, when it comes to his affectionate bullying, or just his general tendencies to annoy people. He can also be quite possessive and will go to extreme lengths to protect that which he believes to be his.

    Personality Quirks

    Due to Malefis’ blessing, Dhares has large, bulletproof moth wings, antennae, and an attraction to sparkly things. Because of this, he will often get distracted by light. So much so that Adonis will ‘play’ with him by wearing reflective/sparkly outfits, or even turning on lights to distract him. Dhares will literally chase a sparkly light with zero self control.


    Family Ties

    Dhares has a cousin, Emrasi Eidae. That is literally all I know. Thanks brain.

    Religious Views

    Although Dhares believes in the existence of gods and archaics, he hardly believes them to be any better than him or other beings. Instead, he views them as equals; people, just like him, and he judges them based on their own merits.

    Social Aptitude

    Dhares is known to be extremely flirtatious. It’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint whether he does so for shallow fun, or with deeper intentions. He is very good at reading people. In this way, he is often able to figure out exactly what a person desires and what motivates them, as well as what will be most likely to teach them a lesson, if they seem to lack empathy for others.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Long after moving to Firma, Dhares discovers hummingbirds and immediately falls in love with them. Later, Adonis gives him an aviary as well as an injured hummingbird in need of a home. It isn’t long before Dhares ends up with an entire colorful charm of them.

    Dhares is also quite obnoxious in that he writes fanfic in his free time; this is obnoxious specifically because he writes it of himself and his partners, though his readers have no idea it’s actually him. His pen name is well-known in the fanfic community.

    Along with this, Dhares loves to dance, though this becomes more of a difficulty once his wings grow in.


    Maximillian Ailet

    Closest Friend (Vital)

    Towards Dhares Kemal



    Dhares Kemal

    Closest Friend (Vital)

    Towards Maximillian Ailet




    It is unknown exactly how the two of them met, but they have known each other almost their entire lives. Dhares was one of the few to support the anarchist movement in Yudryae, and helped Maximillian plan the assassination of Queen Ina Arlaill. He was unable to save her from execution, and was forced to watch her legacy end.

    Later, Dhares finds that he has the ability to guide souls to their reincarnation, and it is during this time that he also travels to Firma and learns about the corrupt Divinity, Daemis. He then was able to guide Maximillian's soul into Daemis' hands, where Maximillian Ailet was reincarnated as Maxine Albrecht. Little did Daemis know, but Max would soon become her most troublesome goddess, nearly causing her downfall.

    Dhares and Max do not end up seeing each other for another thousand years, and by this time, Max has been through quite a lot. Dhares had avoided her for the last few years, trying to push past his guilt and support her.

    Nicknames & Petnames

    Dhares calls her by her last name, Ailet.

    She often calls him a Fyh

    Shared Acquaintances

    Dresden Luro, Ina Arlaill (Deceased)

    General Info

    Mortalis: Kreos
    Cousin: Emrasi Eidae
    Traits: Mischieveous, loyal, arrogant
    Reality Manipulation: Gravity
    Hobbies: Pole dancing/general dance, writing fanfic, making bets, eating food
    Wings: Teal & Gold
    Skintone: light pink

    178 lbs
    Known Languages

    Due to the fact he often travels, explores, and makes bets with all sorts of people, Dhares has picked up many languages over his lifetime, including that of shiva, fae, khirvik, and more.


    (Dhares brought Ailet’s soul to Daemis)

    Dhares somehow heard about Daemis and her struggle w/ the goddesses/ghosts. So, in typical Dhares fashion, he decided to investigate. Which led to him messing with her and ‘taking her down a peg.’

    In this case, he gave her an Alatheian soul; one to ‘solve’ her issue with falling goddesses. Of course, his deals always have consequences, and this didn’t go as Daemis expected. Dhares was quite pleased to watch Ailet turn the tide of history and bring Daemis to paranoia.

    During this time, he made a bet with Daemis, in which he bet his own soul; something to do with her death. He didn’t expect her to survive after Ailet went after her, but… Daemis does survive.

    Later, Dhares finds out he never had a soul to begin with; and so, he finds the loophole to free himself from his bond to Daemis. (Daemis’ name is a magykal tattoo on his collarbone, only legible to him and Daemis.) Unfortunately, Dhares didn’t expect Ailet to get caught by the Remnant King after this.


    (Dhares ‘Earning’ His Rune)

    Dhares is known for his manipulation of gravity; he even has Caseide’s rune on the back of his neck. What most don’t know, however, is how he came to have this rune.

    Originally, Caseide (Archaic Embodiment of Gravity) attempted to seduce Dhares; they are always looking for chaos, an adrenaline rush, and everything in between. It seemed they had succeeded, but once they had, they quickly found Dhares to be much more chaotic than even them. Either Dhares would be unswayed by their dares, he had already done them, or any deadly task they sent him to do, he would survive with ease.

    Either that, or they try to make him do some incredibly difficult task in order to kill him... and he’s like “I already did that; do you really think I wouldn’t take the chance to cause more chaos?” And Caseide’s like “...dude” And that’s when Caseide ends up choosing him.

    This led to Caseide becoming attached to Dhares; so much so that once, when Desius got ahold of him, they pleaded with Desius to let him go. Thankfully, Desius was more intrigued by the notion that Caseide had actually grown attached to a mortal, so they allowed Dhares to live.

    Caseide was like “hey wait I actually like this one”
    Desius: “What? I’m still gonna kill him”
    “BITCH NOOO let him cause more chaos. He causes death too!”
    -after trying to basically hang Dhares, and he’s floating slightly to allow himself to breathe- “ugh fine” -drops him-

    The event that finally earned Dhares his rune was a particularly devastating one; after being attacked and (losing someone?? Idk, trauma I guess), Dhares let loose his rage and managed to sink an entire city deep into the planet.

    Wait… originally I had Dhares destroy an entire wing of the Angel Academy. Instead, I could have him do like, 75% of the goddess realm/Daemis’ home. And that’s when he earns caseide’s rune. This happened because [redacted] sent someone to kidnap Dhares’ partner, and Dhares, being extremely protective, wasn’t about to let that shit happen. So, he went to [redacted] and threatened her to find out where his partner was, and when she refused to tell him, he said ‘fine’ and tore down an entire wing of the building.

    Caseide gave him their rune as a reminder, a lesson, and a claim of pride.


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    Miles Kayden
    Miles Kayden
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    I love that he is the most dangerous of his species, something about reading characters like that invigorates me. I can't wait to see how his and Maximillion's friendship grows!

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