And She Will Rise

The Beginning

Instead of demon king… what if ghost king? Neph… what if ghost/god, rather than angel/demon? Could have grace this way, too. Is a neph a combo of ghost and god in my world? Or is there another term for this?
Honestly… really tempted to rename Ailet.. At least her first name. Maximilian Castelis Ailet- change Maximillian? But wtf would I change it to… Haven? Haven Castelis Ailet??
If Emery is involved in this… that means this is ALSO a ‘Fable’ tale

01 : Ailet's Execution

Ailet waits in a cell for the time of her (public) execution.

There are two guards; one is more sympathetic toward her cause, the other is more sympathetic to the maire. The two may argue w/ each other, while Ailet interjects occasionally with some kind of quip.

She is strangely unfazed about her future execution.

Her time comes, and she goes with the guards without trouble. (Farheis is commanded to go get her?)

They approach the ‘stage’. Farheis is stationed with a couple other guards off to the side. Maire Arlaill is ‘protected’ on a balcony above, where she can also pull the lever for said execution.

Arlaill is dumb. She actually lets Ailet have her last words.

“I would give my life for my people. Would you?”

Ends up with her dragging the maire through the dirt with words alone, and Arlaill pulls the lever, ending her life and cutting her off. And that’s where the scene ends. For Ailet, that is.

Her death triggers Farheis’ to overcome whatever enslavement spell they’re under, at which point their grief causes them to start an uprising/rebellion. Arlaill also goes down shortly after, and the human kingdom is freed.

Ailet became a Martyr.

The Plot Brainstorm...

The goddess race is different from archaics (maybe?). That said, Ailet is made from a piece of Locke’s soul; a luminary being, aka a god. Ailet isn’t captured by the demon king; instead, it’s a Remnant. A vengeful spirit that managed to keep its mortality and wishes to take the throne. Upon hearing of a fallen god, they seek her out, looking to experiment to make the ‘perfect’ servant.

They end up taking pieces of her soul and replacing it with other remnants; likely ghosts they’ve killed in order to take their abilities/powers/strength. This causes a lot of conflict in Ailet’s head/being, due to multiple beings fighting over the body. Though they will all band together to protect the body, should it be attacked.

The Remnant is able to capture her with a chressual bond due to the other beings they’ve killed. Ailet is only a piece of Locke’s soul, so although she’s stronger than the average goddess, the being is still stronger. And she’s unable to break this claim over her.

This also explains why she seemingly ‘randomly’ snaps and kills her abuser; she ends up finally gaining enough power to break their chressual power over her. She feels it shatter and immediately goes after them before they can even react.


Gods can be replaced if killed, yes. but they can also choose to ‘appoint’ another in their place or to ‘take over’. Now, Spirit has been replaced by Daemis, aka Divinity.

In my world, Daemis began as a paradox; confused about her role in the world. She discovered souls in limbo and created the Ghosts, and created the Goddess race as well. Unfortunately, many became Remnants; animalistic beings driven by fear. This caused her to become paranoid and she immediately tightened her control over the goddesses in order to ‘keep them safe.’ This led to her lying to them about the outside world.

Daemis created the guardian goddesses because she freaked out about all ghosts becoming remnants; she cast the ghosts out of her realm, sending them to a new one. The goddesses then became in charge of protecting mortalics from ghosts (really just remnants.) She was wrong about all ghosts being bad, and it wasn’t just ghosts that could become remnants.

Ailet, known for her intelligence, knew something was wrong and managed to uncover her mistakes. She knew no one would believe her, so she went after Daemis directly, intending to kill her. Decapitation didn’t work, and Daemis immediately cast out. Ailet then became a fallen goddess.


After this, other goddesses began to fall too, and soon Daemis was covering up the deaths of goddesses using ‘ghost murders’ as scapegoats. She did this out of fear and paranoia; she knew what she was doing was wrong, but she had no clue how to fix her mistakes.

Emery solved this for her; he, too, noticed her corruption, and targeted her as well. Daemis defended herself to the best of her ability, but in the end, she chose to step down. She had seen his determination to improve the lives of ghosts and goddesses alike, and appointed him to take her place. She vanished from the eye of the public, and the story was that Emery killed her and took her place. In actuality, she joined Desius in their domain, where she stayed hidden from the rest of the world. (During this time, she made many other mortalis’/beings, with Desius’ help.)


topics on violence, blood, death, abuse, torture
The Kingdom of Edrevial, Yudryae
Ailet, Ina Arlaill, Farheis Shaeir
Farheis? A guard?
Plot type
Chapter Outline


Divinity, creator of the Goddesses and Ghosts
Maximillian Castelis Ailet - MC
The Remnant King
First fallen goddess? Daemis’ son???
The Remnant’s Right?
The Ghost King
Ghost fam;
Sibling? Child? Cousins??
Some kind of ally for Ailet… Aridius??
Dhares Kemal
Emrasi Eidae

And She Will Rise : Lore
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Author's Notes

Originally, Ailet gained “The Authority” once she became the demon king; [redacted] gave it to her. This allowed her control over not only the demons of the kingdom, but the demon souls within her. So… wtf does she have now? How does she manage to have the remnants even listen to her?

Her Grace; although she becomes a full ‘ghost’, she still has her goddess grace. When she frees herself by killing the Remnant King, she… may actually destroy herself as well. After which she would rise from her own ashes, with her original Alatheian DNA, rather than Elysian dna; aka her grace would overpower the remnants. In other words, her Grace would restore their mortalic nature, allowing the remnants more sentience-

wait… would she BECOME a system at that point??? They’re technically still different souls… but I doubt the rest of their souls still exist. They may have been ‘recycled’ into new souls, by then. So.. they exist to then protect Ailet at this point? …What if she becomes the first ghost system/ghost guardians???? Before, was goddess guardians (aka like guardian angels) but this experience led ghosts to do the same?

(‘Goddess of Ashes ‘- Phoenix thing may be a gift from Daemis? Remnant king dies *after* Emery took over as Divinity. So Daemis has realized her mistakes by now, + helps Ailet. Or could be from Aridius..)

Avenged/Retribution Remnants: Some may have a whisper of a name from previous lives, others may grow into new names.
System Name: idk yet. Something, lmao.

Will Ailet fragment? Have hosts? (Maybe more likely to fragment/have the remnants make up the system as a whole; kinda like they’re patching the holes of her soul to keep her alive/”running”)

Maybe she manages to escape once or twice; the king sends someone to get her back?
Need to figure out how tf chress even works; what ritual is done for the bond to form. And it has to be able to be done with more than just two people.

Original idea = control over both hellfire and holy fire.. What would this be now? Ghostflame? Divine flame? Still hell and holy fire? Healing could be an angry red color, while harm a soft gold? And a combo of the two could be blue.

Where IS Ailet at the start of the book? I don’t want to just, have a random-ass town or forest…where did Daemis send her? The Ghost Kingdom, probably… but… where IS that??

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ooooooo this is so interesting!! I love that Ailet truly gets the last word, absolutely just drags Maire before her execution.

1 Dec, 2022 20:07

Thanks!! Ailet is one of my oldest OCs and I adore her; she's a smartass who's been through a lot c;   Note: Maire is a neutral term for king/queen/ruler in my world! Maire is actually the default title, with king and queen being more like roles!

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Miles Kayden
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