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Nivish (Nih - vih - sh)

The Forsaken Words of the Magicians

Written by Natsume Rune

❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Enter Wanderer ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

Walking amongst the Books and through the Shelves, the Libraries gently shift, the soft rumble and creak of wood and earth catching your focus for a moment before you turn around and find another open room given unto you. As you walk forward and give your attention to the room, you find a space that is more sparse than the entirety of the Libraries.

Displays holding pieces of paper, books, oddities, and other artifacts take up most of the space within the open room, the Shelves lining the semi-circle barely holding a handful of tomes and journals. A door, weathered and aging, sits at the center of the far wall, a sign displaying itself before it with the careful inscription:

Do Not Open; The Libraries Do Not Give Entrance Unto Navamora

You blink at the sign, turn back to the rest of the room and wander through the gentle remnants of a World no longer given over to the thoughts of Knowledge, but the gentle protections of safekeeping and records.

One artifact in particular catches your interest, the display case of pristine and clear glass holding within it pages that have been carefully salvaged. Only a few pages hold the display, the main focal point giving unto a Language that holds no meaning to you. You glance down, find the plaque that gives forth the meanings of the Artifacts and give yourself over the Histories of a Forgotten time.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ The Language ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

Nivish is the native Language that was once known, spoken, written, and given throughout the entirety of the World of Witches and Woe, Navamora. Articulated throughout the entirety of the World, and more often heard and spoken by the Navians within it, Nivish was once the most common tongue.

Holding itself as a system of characters that represent syllables spoken and written, rather than individual letters of the Obes Tongue, Nivish consists of a base of fifty characters. Written with rigid lines and solid shapes, the Language is shown with the solid structure no found with most of the lettering of Obes, keeping itself to simple rules of formation.

The structure of a page, as can be seen throughout the few Artifacts given unto the Libraries, seems to hold itself starting at the bottom of a page and stretching upwards. The lines seem to spread throughout the page from left to right, giving some similarity with the Language of the Worlds, but Nivish seems to hold little else in common with Obes, even missing some of the more key letters than we know of today.

Text and Records of Observations of Worldfarers show that the Language of Nivish was spoken as sharp and harsh words, holding the stress within the last syllable of most words and given more like the barking orders of anger than the gentle whisper of consideration. It is also noted that the Language does not hold softer noises within its speech, giving itself to more guttural speech patterns.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ The Records ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

The Past and History

Nivish was once the main tongue of Navamora, holding more weight and familiarity within the World than even the common tongue of Obes. The Navians and those who made more than the occasional trip throughout Navamora, were more than fluent in Nivish, and Texts suggest that Nivish thrived along with its People and Observer.

But the Language seems to have stayed within the Realms of Navamora, and some Texts and Observations show that the Navians were not that interested in the pathways that led to the Worlds of the Storyverse. They instead simply lived in their World with their own, the Observer of the World appearing to be more than present and in communion with the Navians. Some recovered documents almost suggest that the Nivish Language was given to the Navians by the Observer, as they grew within the World.

The Recovered Journals of the Observer Mitch, detailing the Past, Present, and the Fate of Navamora, show some Observations on the death of Nivish. In some Texts, it is shown that, with the Tragedy of Zechariah, the Navians forsook both those associated with the Ancient of Chaos and the Language so closely tied with the High Church where the Tragedy occurred. It is noted that the Nivish Tongue was abandoned after the birth of Witches, and with that, the death of Nivish began.


The Present and Current Records

Many of the Observations show that the Navians began to destroy and demolish the Language that they deemed Cursed, even going so far as to diminish it to the Language of the Magicians, and turning their sights on learning and replacing the tongue with Obes. Many Texts and Histories were lost to this purging, and many do not even know that Nivish was anything more than the gibberish of Cursed Existence such as the Magicians and the Witches.

The Observer Mitch details in one note,
“Navamora, given unto the Beings of Humanity’s paranoia and fear, destroyed the Language of their People in order to allow denial and freedom. They did not wish to remember their failures or their responsibilities when it came to the birth of Witches, and turning their back on the Ancient of Chaos, they destroyed all Words that would lead anyone back to their participation in the Tragedy of Zechariah.”
The Lost Journals of the Observer Mitch
Volume __ | Recovered Text XV

It seems that, with the desolation of their World, came the forsaking of their Language, and now, only the few pieces within the Libraries hold Text and Histories about the Language of the Forsaken.


The Fate and Future Observations

Now nothing more than the fractured pieces of a broken and forsaken History, Nivish is not commonly known throughout the World of Navamora. More likely to be heard as the gibberish or gargling sounds of a madman, most Navians neither recognize or understand any of the relics of the past, and it seems to have been successfully purged from the greater population.

The only exceptions to this are the Magicians, who use Nivish within their Magicks, counting on the Navians to no longer understand, and Je H'ugir Harai, The Howling Cirques of Navamora, who have given themselves over to the salvation of the Magicians, utilizing the dead tongue in order to help keep the Beings safe and protected.

There is little hope for the Language to be reintroduced into the World as a whole, but it seems that nothing can truly stamp it out. There will always be someone who is more than aware of the Existence, and it seems that not even a World can truly destroy the Tongue that once thrived.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Nivish Artifacts

An Article Depicting The Language of Navamora, Nivish

❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Artifact Notes

One of the very few instances of the protected and salvaged pieces and notes of the works and journals of the Observer Mitch lost to the Worlds and the Histories, this page dictates the basic set up of the Language, holding onto the syllables and sounds in their reference to the characters that give Nivish form and void.

This piece comes from what is expected to be one of the Lost Journals of the Observer Mitch, as one can note the handwriting to be connected to the Dancing Script of the Observer. To hold any piece of these Forsaken Journals and Entries is remarkable, and Nivish is currently under the preservation and protection of the Libraries of the Storyverse, as many articles of its Existence among with the Worlds have been deemed Cursed and purged from most Entities of Knowledge.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Remarks

These Texts and Artifacts were salvaged and given over to the Libraries after the Tragedy of Zechariah and the Curse upon the High Church of Navamora. More remnants of notes and journals, the current collection of Knowledge in regards to Nivish and the Forsaken Histories of Navamora is one that is fractured and fragmented. Many of the Works within this Collection come from pages and pieces that have found their way into the Libraries for exchange and trade; most of the recovered Knowledge is dated only with the presence of their Observer and his active care within the World.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Muse's Notes

One of the few Worlds connected to the Libraries, Navamora is more than lost to the cause of both the Witches and the Beings of Humanity. But their Language and Old Texts hold such a different World from what we currently know about the Lands; it holds so much more peace and prosperity. The High Church brought the Beings of the Humanity and the Peoples of Magicks together, and their Observer, ____, gave forth the protections and guidance to lead them forward. Some text even suggest that the Observer was known throughout the whole World, and was cherished and adored by his People.

The Language itself is still preserved through both the Artifacts of the Libraries, as well as a soft whisper still continuing on throughout the World. It is noted that many of the uses of Nivish now belong to Je H'ugir Harai, The Howling Cirques, and the Magicians, in order to keep themselves safe as they travel through a World that no longer wishes for their continued Existence.

To no longer hold any other thoughts to your Language but a Cursed Existence wrought forth by Misfortune, Navamora has become destroyed by fear and paranoia. It must be terrible, to know that once, your Language thrived, and now, people don't even remember that it was feared if you speak it.


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Cover image: by Taylor Flowe


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