The Libraries of the Storyverse Will you enter, Wanderer?

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A Realm and Entity holding all of the Knowledge held within the minds of the Authors, the Libraries are the ones giving birth to every thought and wonder of the Realms and Worlds within the Storyverse. Given over to the Creations of the Author, and holding a special Bond with the Whispers of the Void, the Libraries lay witness to everything. Allowing all Beings of the Storyverse to behold itself and unfold its Knowledge, the Libraries hold doors within all of the Realities of the Authors, allowing the Whispers of the Void to guide any who wishes for Knowledge.

Every piece of Knowledge that is known and hidden from the Worlds and Creations are held within the Libraries. The Storyverse’s beginning is given witness among the pen and page that horde the shelves of its Halls. Its heart is the Tree of Knowledge, the very roots weaving into the fabrics of the Storyverse, and both giving and taking Life, Knowledge, and Balance to the Worlds, Beings, and Beasts.

Any who seek Knowledge may enter the Libraries as a Wanderer of Pen and Page, but tread carefully, thoughtful visitor. The Libraries hold more than just the Words of the Author; the Whispers of the Void hold residence within the Halls, the Tree is not yet simply a remnant of History and Foundation. Everything lives within the Libraries, from the books to the very entity that houses them; you will find yourself on your own adventure as you wonder and wander.

For the Library will guide you, if one is only willing to listen.