An Article Depicting The Language of Navamora, Nivish

Nivish Language.jpg


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Artifact Notes ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

One of the very few instances of the protected and salvaged pieces and notes of the works and journals of the Observer Mitch lost to the Worlds and the Histories, this page dictates the basic set up of the Language, holding onto the syllables and sounds in their reference to the characters that give Nivish form and void.

This piece comes from what is expected to be one of the Lost Journals of the Observer Mitch, as one can note the handwriting to be connected to the Dancing Script of the Observer. To hold any piece of these Forsaken Journals and Entries is remarkable, and Nivish is currently under the preservation and protection of the Libraries of the Storyverse, as many articles of its Existence among with the Worlds have been deemed Cursed and purged from most Entities of Knowledge.



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