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❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Artifact Notes ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

One of the few pieces of History salvaged from the crumbling waves of Navamora's desolation, this piece depicts the Language. Nivish, and its apparent format and structure. Most of the characters are unreadable, and some hold their form still, but it is not understood what is being said.
What seems to be a note for whoever it is that is addressed, the note is simply another piece of the World that has fallen to the Void of Forsaken Histories.

The Librarian's Assistant, Muse, holds a thought that this note was for Je H'ugir Harai, The Howling Cirques of Navamora. It is not clear if this Observation holds weight, as of the current records of the Libraries can show.


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