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WorldEmber 2023 Homework - The Pledge

So I've got this region in the northern part of The Leitan Peninsula. I've never really populated it, or done much more than a one off adventure there over the last thirty to fourty years. I've had a few characters, barbarians of course, that it was their back story homeland.
With all of that said, I'm pledging to spend a good bit of time in WorldEmber 2023 populating the northern reaches of the Leitan Peninsula; better known as Zowonidad. I've taken a few minutes to set up 6 realms in the Grand Dutchy and am look forward to worldbuilding this corner of the continent.
If you like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campains; like barbarian culture and how it might fit into a more civilized empire; or even just like watching the evolution of a more primitave corner of a realm become more developed, please follow along.
by World Ember Crew

Week 2: Prepare your area of focus

Mini Meta 1 Mini Meta 2 Mini Meta 3


Cleethidad is a barbarian provence in northwestern Zowonidad that is fairly civilized for the far north. They are primarily half-orc barbarians, but there are some tribes of human and mountain dwarf barbarians within the provence.
Genre: Fantasy/Barbarian
Themes: Break the mold. Intelectual and civilized half-orcs
Goal: Thouroughly fleshout the provence so that PCs have a strong foundation to build a background from.
Coming Soon to Cleethidad:
Cleethorpes - The Provincial Capital
Nazpont, Detlantin, Downvort, Hyrdpont, Verrtponta, Mopatin, and Claiktin - Barbarian Villages


Xehodad is the north central province in Zowonidad. Primarily inhabited by mountain dwarf barbarians and goblins. Additionaly the ancestroal seat of barbarian power in the north is in Axholme, which is located in Xehodad.
Genre: Fantasy, Barbarian, and a lot of Subterrainian.
Themes: Tunnels, Mining, Generational Wars
Goal: Flesh out a provence sutible for barbarian dwarf PCs to use as a background region.
Coming Soon to Xehodad:
Boothby - The Provincial Capital
Axeholm - The Regional Capital and Seat of Barbarian Strength in the North.


Aldiridad is a savage and harsh barbarian provence in northeastern Zowonidad. Human and Dwarf Barbarians continuously struggle against Goblins and Trolls. It is by far the most savage and primal of the six provences in Zowonidad.
Genre: Fantasy/Savage/Primal
Themes: Living day to day is a struggle and the universe hates you and never cooperates.
Goal: Flesh out a provence sutible for barbarian dwarf PCs to use as a background region.
Coming Soon to Aldiridad:
Kaldir - The provincial capital.
Trolls and Troll Culture.

Mini Meta 4 Mini Meta 5 Mini Meta 6


Tofididad is larger provence is southwestern Zowonidad. Much of its land lies in the planetary sub-arctic zone. This makes a lot of the provence more hospitable than other provences. Human barbarians are the primary dominant race and a lot of them embrace piracy on the open sea. The orcs of the region are fairly well organized.
Genre: Fantasy/Pirates

Themes: Piracy, raiding, and a struggle between the old ways (piracy) and the new ways (trade).
Goal:Flesh out a provence sutible for barbarian dwarf PCs to use as a background region. Develop a young trade network in the northern reaches of the peninsula.
Coming Soon to Tofididad:
Bowvait - Large Port on Drokken Bay
Toft - Provincial Capital


Zozowonidad is the historical home and origin of barbarians in the north. Humans, Ogres, half ogres, orcs, and half orcs are predominant here.
Genre: Fantasy/Traditional Barbarians
Themes: Keeping the old traditions new.
Goal: Flesh out a provence sutible for barbarian dwarf PCs to use as a background region. Establish a strong barbarian culture that values tradition.
Coming Soon to Zozowonidad:
Note well there are no cities in Zozowonidad.


Talisadad is a bit of a gothic barbarian realm. Humans, half-ogres, and half orc barbarians co mingle to hold back the undead.
Genre:Fantasy/Undead/Bit of Steampunk
Themes: How do barbarians handle incursions of undead and steampunk. Which is worse?
Goal:Flesh out a provence sutible for barbarian humans PCs to use as a background region. Continue developing the undead and necromancy lore for the world.
Coming Soon to Talisadad:
Lundir - The provincial Capital.
High Marsh Ruins - A city long overrun by the undead.

Week 3: Welcome your readers!

The homework for this week was to spice up, refine, and improve the homepage. I need to make the page more intuitive and welcoming to a new reader, but I'm not ready to invest a lot of time into this. Couple reasons, right now this is for my players.
I'm in no way ready to open up a call for gamers that I don't know to come play in The Penninsula. The peninsula is for me and people I've gamed with, in some cases nearly 50 years. I might some day open it to online random groups, but tight now it's semi-private. Think of running a game in a LGS and random people may stop and watch, but the ones sitting at the table are regulars.
So...with that said:
  1. I've used some AI to generate a world cover image.
  2. I read through the intro paragraph. It needs a lot of work, but for now I'm going to leave it.
  3. I Created a category, Above the Board, where I can discuss the happenings of what I'm working on in The Peninsula without getting into The Peninsula.
  4. I'm spending some time understanding the details of World Codex, Categories, and Tables of Contents. Not implementing any great changes, but trying to be aware and prepare.
  5. I am focusing on navigation and member of links and fields
  Certainly nothing ground breaking or flashy, but I hope that some initial baby steps will set up the home page for greatness in about 6 months.

Week 4: last minute prep!

Two things for last minute preparations. The first is protected writing time. I'm going to comit to writing first thing every morning for all of December. I've intended to do this for a long time, but always get lazy and make excuses. This time I'm doing it.
The seconds is that I'm gathering 40+ years of notes and sorting them for inclusion and entry into WA. There are literally comments in some of these notebooks that I wrote when Jimmy Carter was president of the US. Wow.


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Nov 9, 2023 13:36 by Elspeth

Wow! 30k words is a large goal. You've got this! Have a great time building out Zowonidad and an excellent WorldEmber! :)

Nov 9, 2023 21:53

Thanks! Goals are meant to be hard to hit IMO.