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An under class servant working in Chayan's palace. She's born from another under class servant who works at the clothing storehouse. Her mother taught her what she needed to do to survive. They got separated when she was 11, and they rarely ever see each other ever since. Kyra's new workplace is the food storehouse under the palace.

She one day accidentally bumps into the new king who visited the food storehouse to assess its state himself. Upon seeing Kyra's uncleanness and her infected wound on her arm, he will reassemble those in charge of the under class workers of the palace. He ordered that from then on, each under class worker is obligated to bath once a week, and that any wounded or sick under class worker are obligated to rest to be able to work at full efficiency as soon as possible. The King has no need for underperforming sick or wounded servants.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Due to a lack of proper nutrition, she seems younger than she is. People typically assume she's 12 or 13.   Fitness:

a) Strenght: Under Average

b) Endurance: Under Average   Agility:

a) Flexibility: Under Average

b) Mobility: Under Average   Body shape:

a) Muscles: Under Average

b) Frame: AA and Rectangular-shaped

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After she got separated from her mother, she used to cry a lot when she was younger, but she gradually grew out of it as it only ever made her boss upset.


Sexuality: heterosexual

Romanticality: straight


Nothing more than what is relevant for her tasks: how to clean food storages, signs to look out for, clean food, and so on.


Started by working alongside her mother. Then she got moved to another part of the palace at the age of 11. She started by cleaning the storehouses under the palace, and then was also given the task to help preparing the food by cleaning the vegetables, bringing the ingredients, etc. when there is urgency or a large amount of guests.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She'd have no idea how to answer to this.

Failures & Embarrassments

Once she tried to use thrown-out noble clothes to be pretty. She became nothing more than a laughing stock among the other servants. She stopped dreaming to ever get out of her condition ever since.

Morality & Philosophy

Survival over pride. With her ranking, pride would kill her.


Saying what she really thinks.

Personality Characteristics


Be quiet, stay unnoticed, do what you must, survive as long as you can and be happy with as little as you have.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  If she isn't particularly good at remembering names, she never forgets a face.  




Likes & Dislikes


Nobility fashion: Exotic clothes, especially are what fascinates her the most due to how rarely she can see them in the first place.


She dislikes her hair, its colour and the bad shape it is in. She wishes she had pretty hair.
She dislikes being the center of attention, as she fears to ridicule herself once more.

Virtues & Personality perks

She's diligent, even if partially out of fear of repercussions.

She is quiet and observant.

Vices & Personality flaws

She tends to constantly wear herself down due to her dirty appearance.
She learnt to bottle up her emotions and to never question orders.


Poor, but not out of her own accord. Underclass servants working in the food storage simply aren't given any hygiene products or have access to bathrooms. She, herself, rarely has the occasion to leave the palace to clean herself in a river. Most of the time, she resorts to use used waters to do a quick cleaning.


Contacts & Relations

She's fairly isolated, overall, and that is by design as it makes her unable to stand against her superiors if she ever needed to.

Family Ties

She misses her mother a lot, but there's nothing she can do, so she prefers not thinking about it as being sad would make her more prone at making mistakes and getting in trouble.

Religious Views

She prefers not bothering thinking about it, because whatever her thoughts, nothing would ever change for her.

Social Aptitude

She doesn't really know anything about etiquette aside getting out of the way of her superiors and bowing down. Her self-confidence is pretty low and she basically has no charisma, ego or extraversion. She's hardly a social butterfly, but no one of her class and age group dislikes her. She gets along with them, but only one other servant is what she would call a friend. And even toward her she tends to stay reserved toward her thoughts and feelings.


She tries to stay as invisible as she can with anyone before herself and only dares to open up among other under class servants of her age. Even then, she remains quiet, but she lets her emotions somewhat shine (as long as it doesn't risk bringing her into trouble).

Hobbies & Pets


She always wished she could have a cat. She actually feeds the stray cats of the food storage, as they're useful to keep rodents away, however, she never was able to make any of those strays hers.

Reincarnation: Ares


Daydreaming is probably the only one she can have. She daydreams a lot about what she could do if she was in a better situation, but that's basically it.


Due to her lack of education, her speech is riddled with mistakes and poor vocabulary.

Wealth & Financial state

Under Class: none (she earns no money, her job offers her food and shelter)
Current Status
Under class servant in the Fealis Palace
Date of Birth
34 Falltomsi 148 AF
Circumstances of Birth
In a closet, the pregnancy had been hidden
Fealis Palace, from an under class servant
Current Residence
Fealis Palace
As feminine as she can be in her situation
large donkey brown

donkey brown


disheveled chin-long

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
nuamorroin skin (moderate brown), very rare sunburns and occasional tanning
40 kg
Known Languages
Anaish: mother tongue


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