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The Angelbark Portal

In the Angelbark Woods, a large clearing holds a square stone archway. Intricate patterns both are carved into the stone and emerge from it.   A portal which now leads to many different planes, a trip through this archway surely leads to adventure.

Purpose / Function

The original constructors and purpose of this remarkable stone device remain a mystery, though perhaps the forest yet remembers.   Now, it is connected to many planes and places and is the launching point for occasional expeditions into other realms.   Currently, the portal is connected to Mechanus, the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Elemental Plane of Earth, the City of Doors - Sigil and Arborea.


The archway appears to have stood for centuries, if not longer. Its faces are weathered though still decipherable. When it was first encountered by people from Daring Heights, it was broken - a great crack running through its top. It wasn't until some time later that they would learn that this was the portal that Duke Reaven Lust stepped through into Kantas, intent on his plans to create the Twilight.   After the Battle at the Gorge and the defeat of the Twilight, the two tiefling arcanists - Dorian and Nowhere - took it upon themselves to see what could be done with it. With a small entourage, they performed a ritual that would sever its connection to the Shadowfell, and instead opened up new connections to other planes hopefully less bent on the destruction of all Material life.   Since then it has served a rare but practical need for easy interplanar travel, most notably to Sigil where the portal emerges in the gardens of Lady Vermillion, a Yuan Ti magus.

Alternative Names
The Stone Portal
Parent Location
Angelbark Woods

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