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The Kantas Expanse

The Kantas Expanse is a shared campaign setting for D&D 5E, in a similar vein to the West Marches. On Toril, the same world as Faerûn, with Balder's Gate, Neverwinter and all those famous adventurers, this is set on a distant continent fraught with planar portals, politics and potential profit.   The action is centred around Daring Heights, a Faerûnian town settled on the site of a strange portal that linked the two continents, though the portal has since been partially destroyed. Primarily focused on mercantile endeavours like finding new trade partners among the civilisations of Kantas and new sites to obtain resources from, Daring since its founding has also focused on bringing in a healthy population of adventurers. After all, with so many unknowns out there and so much of the map unknown to them, adventurers are a strong, if chaotic, means to discover this land and reveal its secrets to the merchants waiting to take advantage of them in safety.   Most adventurers here come from Faerûn originally, either paying to teleport directly to the bustling town of Daring Heights or braving the several month long voyage across the sea to arrive in the rapidly expanding harbours of Port Ffirst. Though many choose to stay by the coast in Port Ffirst, for those who are drawn to the hub of Daring Heights the inn of choice is the Three-Headed Ettin. Originally built by three brothers and commissioned by the mayor himself, this tavern specifically caters to the adventuring class. One of its main features is a large board known as the Rumour Mill where citizens pin notices of jobs they need doing or other adventurers pin places of interest they hadn't had the opportunity to explore themselves.   Beyond the walls of these two settlements, forest stretches out far to the north and south, to the extent that few have even seen the other side of them. A long mountain range marks the western edges of Daring's maps and the sea to the east has barely even been fully sailed around. Though many other groups have been met - the Kobold City of Kundar, the Bearfolk's lands, the minotaur/air genasi republic of K'ul Goran, the Erina's village, Vorsthold - the edge of the map for most adventurers lies a scant few days walk in any direction. And the edge of the map is where excitement and treasure always lies...   But also monsters, especially with the land's strange propensity for portals and tears into other planes, the range of creature and occurrence encountered have already been the stuff of legends, and the town is only 3 years old. Twisted half-shadow mutants known as the Twilight have sown chaos in the region, and an entire orcish horde descended once upon Daring's fledgling walls. The town has been lost, burned, reclaimed and rebuilt already within its short lifetime, and life doesn't look to be getting any quieter.   Witches who can sell you anything for a price, elves who reincarnate through a mana pool, Kobold mansions which lead to ancient dwarven schools of illusion, tears in the fabric between the Material Plane and the Feywild that spill uncontrolled emotions into the world, all these are merely a handful of the strange tales being told around the fire at the Three-Headed Ettin.   What tales will you tell?   Credit to Wizards of the Coast for the 5E System and the Forgotten Realms setting which this draws from.

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