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Port Ffirst


Port Ffirst is a town founded by Lord Kensigton after the competition of mercantile endeavours in Daring Heights started rising. The closest coastal region from Daring Heights is due East and so it was in that directions that the founder of Port Ffirst set. A short journey eastward revealed a river that led to the the large body of salted water now named Sea of Storms. It was close by this river mouth that the first buildings of Port Ffirst were erected.  

Early Days

Mainly dedicated to fishing and small scale maritime exploration, Port Ffirst didn't have what was needed to expand. People would still prefer the safety and stability of the walled off town of Daring Heights over this newly built excuse of a town. Also, the fact that Lord Kensington was the only individual of power with invested interest in the new town did not help Port Ffirst's situation and it slowly became a place where some commerce was made and a few adventurers would visit very rarely.  

The Turning Point

The event that changed the fate of Port Ffirst was the Orcish Invasion of Daring Heights. The tension that predated the actual invasion drove a considerable portion of the population of Daring either back through the portal to Faerun or east, towards Port Ffirst. Once the war properly broke out this exodus only got worse: this meant that the town was forced to grow very rapidly to accommodate the newly arrived refugees. Obviously, rapid growth does not lead to quality and Port Ffirst's architecture and organisation wasn't a pretty sight to behold.  

The New Port Ffirst

After the Orcs raided Daring Heights and the town was being rebuilt, Port Ffirst took advantage of its older sister's undoing and began to grow. Lord Kensington was lured towards Daring Heights more and more, due to being elected onto its Council, and eventually lost a lot of the mercantile power he held over the port town. This shift in power got even more emphasised by the fact that scholars and cartographers from the Sword Coast finally managed to plot a maritime route to Kantas. This opportunity was immediately taken advantage of by the LeNoirs brothers Soros and Voros. Finding the opportunity to abandon their poorly maintained business in the Sword Coast, the brothers sold everything they had and called in all favours they could call in to begin the journey towards Kantas. Quickly enough, with their natural charisma and deep, deep pockets, the brothers were able to financially conquer Port Ffirst by expanding it and turning Old Port First (Old Town) obsolete.  

Present Port Ffirst

Although the LeNoirs are estimated to hold 70% of all business in Port Ffirst, eventually other merchants started making the journey over from the Sword Coast to make a living in Kantas.


60% Human 20% Halfling 10% Dwarves 5% Half Elves 3% Tieflings 2% Gnomes >1% Elves


Altered Plutocracy. Everything in Port Ffirst swirls either around commerce. At the moment, every business owner responds to either Soros LeNoir, Voros LeNoir or Arnis Jinlin. Everything in town is currently arranged by these three individuals.


Strictly maritime defenses - The Grey Zephyr Armada keeps a half-blockade at all times around the entrances to the Tritooth Wharf. No wall or palisade whatsoever on the landside of town.


There is some established trade with the Sword Coast. Most of the money is done by trading supplies and luxurious items with Daring Heights. Items that are common in Fareun may not be so in Kantas. These items are sold for a massive profit to Daring Heights who in turn can trade them with Kundar and other trade routes it has established.


Markets, Ferries, Sewers (New Town), Shipyard, Lighthouse, Docks, Warehouses.


Leatherworker, Blacksmith, Enchanter, Arcane Services

Guilds and Factions

Va-vite Transports and Commerce - led by Voros LeNoir. The Crimson Thread - led by Laeruna, the Red.

Alternative Name(s)
The Port
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Port Ffirst
Included Locations

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