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Cover art by Woongno Lee

Kundar, a monstrous metropolis, or monstropolis if you will, is four days march north-west from Daring Heights, around the western mountain range (or an easier trip through the Daring Heights town portal). Here lies a great city on the edge of the badlands west of the mountains. A city of with a population of around 100,000, all from monstrous or uncommon races. Primarily kobolds with dragonborn raised to serve as the enforcers. Other, traditionally monstrous, races are found living, trading, working, or fighting for glory in the arena in Kundar.   Peace is kept as each of these races, which are usually tribe or clan oriented and usually prey or enemy to another, can come together as citizens united–offered social securities where they wouldn't by Faerunian norms.   The city itself owes part of its success to the natural gas reserves found underground that are now used to power street lighting and heating in the homes of Kundar. A great network of aqueducts also services Kundar which is situated next to the riverbed of a long dried-up great river passing through the badlands.   Trade between Kundar and Daring Heights & Port Ffirst has been established for several years now, and ongoing in the background has been a mesh of relationships forming.   Needless to say, encountering Kundar and its kobold populace was a formative moment for the people of Daring learning just how different Kantas is, and that they weren't just not alone, but in fact a rather small fish in this great lake.


60% kobold, 30% dragonborn, 2% tabaxi, 2% orc, 6% other


A conclave of elders, the heads of old, respected Kobold houses.


Aquaducts bring water to Kundar from afar, from an untraced source, as the aquaducts are as old as the foundations of the city which the Kobolds inherited.


Yellow stones and bricks are common building materials, and many of the crowded streets are hemmed in by apartment style buildings several stories tall. Kobolds, whatever the continent, are cunning builders and use the sparse wood they collect for their mechanical devices with iron gears that allow them to hoist people and goods up to the upper levels of the city.   Kobold architecture also reinforces the societal structure with dragonborn at the bottom, simply by making many passages and even whole streets to small for any but kobolds to enter. The more important or secure a location, the more likely it is to have low ceilings.   Noble houses are typically separate in their own area of town, and the surest sign of wealth is for a house to be built of anything other than yellow and red stone.
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The Scorching Badlands

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