Savell Nights

On this, the first night of Savell, I give the fruit of my labor. May none go hungry this night.
— Traditional Savell Prayer
  Savell is a Hylian celebration of giving celebrated over five nights. Each night of Savell celebrates the giving to or helping of those less fortunate. This is usually done in small community circles.   Savall begins on the first full moon after Moonfall.

First Night of Savall

The first night of the holiday focuses on being generous to others. The donation of food and money is greatly sought after. Many poorer families open their homes to strangers, and those more marginalized are only expected to bring a song or tale to pass the nights.  

Second Night of Savall

During the day, many try to ensure that work projects are completed for those needing them. New roofs, reworked fences,


Savall is a fairly modern holiday, born from the reconstruction of Hyrule in the 2nd century after the Calamity. With many in Hyrule struggling to survive, the young Duchess of Aquame, Savalline opened her estate and food stores to the people of the area during an extremely cold start to winter. For three weeks, the Duchess hosted over two hundred people. As winter dragged on, the cold and storms grew worse, eventually locking the people inside for five days during a fierce blizzard. Encouraging the people, Savalline kept food, music, and the ability to discuss the local efforts of reconstruction with her open. Through this effort, Savalline saw the enduring strength of the Hylian people and would go on to fund much of the rebuilding of Southeastern Hyrule and see the eventual birth of the holiday that bears her name across the kingdom.
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